The Machine to Machine (M2M) Market 2013-2023Smart Devices & the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Machine to Machine (M2M) Market 2013-2023Smart Devices & the Internet of Things (IoT)

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The M2M market has been growing exponentially over the past few years. In 2013, the technology is poised to see substantial uptake due to the growing number of connected devices, the evolving uses for the technology and the increasing list of industries to which the technology can be applied. Wireless networks that are interconnected through machine-to-machine communications can see increases in production, efficiency and save businesses substantial OpEx and CapEx. As a consequence, visiongain expects global wireless M2M revenues to reach $50.1billion in 2013.

Consumer devices such as tablets and eReaders are currently enjoying high adoption rates across the globe. Coupled with the proliferation of electronic devices that already exist in residential homes and businesses, all of which can be transformed via the use of M2M technologies, the stage is set for M2M to become ubiquitous.

Visiongain believes that 2013 will be a pivotal year and one of significant growth for M2M as companies address both consumer demands for full-time connectivity and the government initiatives that support greater mobile connectivity.

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- Telit Wireless
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- What are the secrets of the M2M indust
1. Executive Summary

1.1 M2M Market Set for Explosive Growth
1.2 Benefits of M2M
1.3 M2M Growth Drivers
1.4 LTE and M2M Uptake
1.5 Benefits of This Report
1.6 Who is This Report For?
1.7 Methodology
1.8 Global Cellular M2M Connections Forecast 2013-2023
1.9 Regional Cellular M2M Connections Forecast 2013-2023
1.10 Global M2M Connections by Market Segment 2013-2023
1.11 Global M2M Revenues Forecast Summary 2013-2023

2. Introduction to the M2M Market

2.1 What Does M2M Signify?
2.2 M2M History and Recent Developments
2.3 Benefits of M2M
2.4 M2M Applications by Industry
2.5 The Impact of Cloud Computing on M2M
2.6 Big-Data and M2M
2.7 Market Definition

3. Global M2M Market Forecast 2013-2023

3.1 Global Cellular M2M Connections Forecast 2013-2023
3.2 Regional M2M Connections Forecast 2013-2023
3.2.1 North America M2M Connections Forecast 2013-2023
3.2.2 European M2M Connections Forecast 2013-2023
3.2.3 Asia Pacific M2M Connections Forecast 2013-2023
3.2.4 Latin America M2M Connections Forecast 2013-2023
3.2.5 Middle East and Africa M2M Connections Forecast 2013-2023
3.2.6 Regional M2M Connections Market Share 2013-2023
3.3 Global M2M Connections by Market Segment 2013-2023
3.4 Global Connected Devices Forecast 2013-2023
3.5 Global M2M Revenue Forecast 2013-2023
3.6 Global Wireless M2M Revenues Forecast 2013-2023
3.6.1 Global M2M Revenues from Enabling Technology 2013-2023
3.6.2 Global M2M Revenues from Network Integration 2013-2023
3.6.3 Global M2M Revenues from Monitoring 2013-2023
3.6.4 Global M2M Revenues from Apps and Services 2013-2023
3.7 Global M2M Revenue Shares by Application 2013-2023
3.8 Global Smart Meter Installation Forecast 2013-2023
3.8.1 Regional Smart Meter Penetration 2013-2023 Europe Smart Meter Penetration Forecast 2013-2023 North America Smart Meter Penetration Forecast 2013-2023 Asia Pacific Smart Meter Penetration Forecast 2013-2023 Latin America Smart Meter Penetration Forecast 2013-2023 ME & Africa Smart Meter Penetration Forecast 2013-2023

4. Current M2M Market Analysis

4.1 Network concerns for M2M
4.1.1 Requirements to Solve M2M Deployment Issues Secure Data GPRS / SMS / CDMA / LTE Two-Way Communication Support for More than One Communication Type Ensuring Minimum Downtime Cost Effective Utilizing the Right Toolsets Optimized Billing
4.2 M2M Business Case
4.2.1 Smart Services for M2M Smart Service Business Plan for OEMs
4.3 M2M in the Future
4.3.1 System Awareness
4.3.2 Business Case for System Awareness
4.3.3 M2M Platform Requirements and Opportunities
4.3.4 M2M in the LTE Era Switching from GSM to LTE Impact of Switch from GSM to LTE on M2M

5. Opportunities with M2M

5.1 E-health
5.1.1 Qualcomm Life
5.1.2 Macaw - M2M Apps for mHealth
5.1.3 CardioNet
5.1.4 Smart Bandaids
5.1.5 Public Health
5.1.6 Personal Health
5.2 Smart Grid
5.3 Connected Appliances
5.3.1 Microchip
5.4 Connected Home
5.5 Internet Protocol Version 6 - IPv6
5.5.1 Potential Impact of IPv6 on M2M
5.5.2 Successful M2M Migration to IPv6
5.5.3 IPv6 to Benefit M2M
5.6 M2M Standards and Standards Bodies
5.7 M2M Applications
5.7.1 After-Market M2M Applications
5.7.2 Regulatory M2M Applications
5.7.3 OEM Based M2M Applications
5.7.4 M2M Application Summary

6. SWOT Analysis of the M2M Market

6.1 Strengths
6.1.1Cost savings
6.1.2 Creating New Revenue Streams
6.1.3 Connected Devices Growing Rapidly
6.2 Weaknesses
6.2.1 M2M Solutions are Expensive
6.2.2 Technical Problems
6.2.3 Limited 3G Infrastructure
6.2.4 Limited Consumer Awareness
6.3 Opportunitie