Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Mobile Phone 2014-2018 Forecast and Analysis

  • Jun 2014
  • By IDC
  • 34 pages

Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Mobile Phone 2014-2018 Forecast and Analysis

  • Jun 2014
  • By IDC
  • 34 pages

This IDC study presents an update on the mobile phone market in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan), or APEJ, along with market sizes for 2013 and forecast data for 2014-2018. Research for market sizing and forecasting was carried out from January to March 2014. Breakdowns by vendor, country, OS, and air interface are also included to provide greater insight into APEJ dynamics.

"Samsung and China were the two pillars fortifying the smartphone growth in 2012, both of which continued to lead the smartphone market in APEJ. But 2013 also saw the onslaught from the rising army of homegrown vendors in emerging markets in APEJ, which have risen in shipments and prominence and comprised 60% of the smartphone market in 2013, largely attributed to their wide portfolios of smartphones. We could see these vendors having an edge as vendors move to capture the next set of customers beyond the urban boundaries of the emerging countries with price points at less than US$100," says Kiranjeet Kaur, senior market analyst, Client Devices, IDC Asia/Pacific.

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Study



Introduction to IDC's Quarterly Trackers

Primary Data Sources

Secondary Sources


Feature Phones


Situation Overview

Assessment of Current Situation

Affordable Phones Driving Smartphone Volumes while High-End Phones Approach Saturation

Asia Market Warming to Plus-Size Smartphones

Mature Markets Almost Exclusive on 4G in 2013

Hardware Specifications Improve for the Lower-Priced Phones

PRC Smartphone Shipment Share Close on the Heels of Mature Market Trends

Decline in YoY Smartphone Shipments in Multiple Mature APEJ Markets

PRC Smartphone Growth Slows Down After Multiple Quarters of Double-Digit Growth

Very Low Smartphone Penetration and Local Vendor Smartphone Push Drive India to Become Third Largest Smartphone Country Globally

Emerging Southeast Asia Markets Provide a Fertile Ground to the Tier 1 PRC Vendors

Amidst All the Upheaval in the Smartphone Space, the Largest Operating Systems Keep a Steady Footing

Everyone Gets Its Share of the "Big" Pie as Android Continues to Dominate the Market

iOS Picks Its Way to the Emerging Markets

Windows Phone Takes the Number 3 Spot but Remains a Distant Third

BlackBerry OS Shows No Sign of Comeback

The Fragmentation in the Vendor Space Increases as Large and Small Vendors Get onto the Android Bandwagon


PRC Vendors

India Vendors: Micromax and Karbonn


Future Outlook

Forecast by Operating System

Strong Smartphone Growth Momentum Fueled by Falling ASPs and Data Usage Revolution

Android Undisputed Leader as Reference Designs Keep Driving Vendors Focused on Low-End Smartphones

iOS to Keep the Lead in the Higher-End Price Segments

Windows Phone Makes Aggressive Strides to Tame the Low-Cost Segment

Rough Ride for the Up and Coming Operating Systems

Forecast by Country

Mature Markets



Southeast Asia (Excluding Singapore)

Forecast and Assumptions

Market Context

Essential Guidance

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Table: Top 3 Assumptions for Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Mobile Phone Market, 2014-2018

Table: Key Forecast Assumptions for the Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Mobile Phone Market, 2014-2018

Table: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Mobile Phone Shipments, 2009-2018: Comparison of March 2013 and March 2014 Forecasts (Million)

Figure: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Smartphone Shipments by Price Band, 2009-2013

Figure: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Smartphone Shipments by Screen Size, 2009-2013

Figure: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) 5in.+ Smartphone Share of Total Smartphones, 2012-2013

Figure: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Smartphone Shipments Market Share of Mobile Phones, 2012-2013

Figure: Tier 1 China Vendors' Smartphone Shipments and Market Share in Southeast Asia, 2010-2013

Figure: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Smartphone Share by OS, 2013

Figure: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) iOS and Android Smartphone Shipments Share by Volume and Value, 2009-2018

Figure: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) iOS Shipments Share by Price Band, 2013 and 2018

Figure: Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Mobile Phone Shipments Forecast, 2009-2018