Market Insight: United States of America

Market Insight: United States of America

The U.S water sector is approaching a crisis, following decades of under-investment. With predicted investment of upwards of $600 billion on water and wastewater infrastructure by 2033, this will be one of the hottest markets over the next 5 years. Capital expenditure is expected to rise from $36.8 billion in 2011 to $48.3 billion in 2018 – so now is the time to get involved in this lucrative market.

The report identifies water and wastewater treatment plant upgrades as the best opportunities in the municipal market and it also explores new opportunities in performance-based consulting and efficiency contracts. We have spoken to market insiders who have done business in this sector, so we can show you exactly how the market works. The report offers a complete guide to the procurement models in place and the best strategies for getting involved, so you can plan your business strategy in this market.

Global Water Intelligence Market Insight: USA is your essential toolkit for breaking into this market or increasing your existing market share. It analyses every facet of the water industry in the U.S.A, covering the water sector structure, opportunities and strategies for market entry, forecasts as well as a comprehensive directory of water regulations and a database of over 1000 U.S water utilities.

Market drivers and opportunities

With capital expenditure in this market expected to soar, there are huge emerging opportunities for water and wastewater companies. Whether you want to break into the market or increase your existing presence this is an essential resource for your business. We show you the best opportunities over the next 5 years and show you exactly how the market works from the perspective of the market insiders, so you can get involved at the earliest stages and keep ahead of your competition.

We explore the trends that are driving the market, the emerging opportunities and how to position your business in the market:
Wastewater infrastructure upgrades for compliance with regulations – we explore how stricter regulations are driving utilities to upgrade their wastewater treatment plants or collections systems to achieve compliance. Regulations for nitrogen and phosphorous are specifically driving the market for WWTP upgrades.
We identify the opportunities being created for the private sector and analyse the procurement processes and contracts, so you know exactly how to get involved.
Resource recovery – the wastewater treatment industry in the USA is beginning to embrace opportunities for resource recovery in order to comply with regulations and gain value from their wastewater stream. This is driving opportunities for water companies that supply advanced treatment technologies – we show you a case study, explore the technology trends and identify the opportunities for your business.
Water treatment plant upgrades – we show you how tightening regulations are driving WTP upgrades and investment in UV disinfection – so you can pinpoint opportunities for your niche technologies.
Network rehabilitation – this is set to be a very strong market which will create big opportunities for the private sector as the water and wastewater network in the USA is reaching the perfect storm. We look at the rehabilitation work that will need to be carried out in the next 20 years and how you can find your position in the supply chain.
Desalination market – the USA is the second largest desalination market after Saudi Arabia. This market insight report looks at the potential growth in the municipal and industrial desalination markets. It studies how the municipal market could grow in the wake of the Carlsbad project and considers how the growing trend towards self-supply in the industrial sector will create big opportunities in industrial desalination. Our in-depth forecasts will allow you to assess the potential prospects for your business in the market, so you can stay ahead of your competition.
Performance based consulting and efficiency contracts in O&M – we show you how the adoption of performance based consulting and efficiency contracts is one of the most exciting developments for private sector involvement – we show you exactly how this works and how this development can make you money.


With stricter regulatory frameworks high on the agenda in the US market, this chapter is an absolutely essential resource if you plan on doing business in this country.

This chapter includes:
• Regulatory framework for drinking water, wastewater discharge and reuse
• Drinking water quality regulations
• Municipal and industrial wastewater quality regulations
• Water reuse regulations
• Implementation of regulations and compliance
• Water in industry
• Future regulatory scenario and conclusions
• List of laws, standards and policies - both in their native language and English, with internet links for easy location

Accessing the market

This market insight report gives you invaluable advice from industry insiders on how to do business in this country, so you can break into the market or increase your existing presence.

By interviewing experts who have concrete experience in that country, we reveal how the market works in practice and give you strategies to successfully enter the supply chain, offering:

• Analysis of procurement processes and market penetration strategies
• Supply chain analysis
• A list of key water market players and who your potential partners or competitors will be
• Possible ways to enter the supply chain alongside the dominant market players


A database of 1077 utilities in the USA…

We have already highlighted that there are increasing opportunities for the private sector in the USA, and have given strategies for accessing these opportunities.

The final part of this report will allow you to follow up this advice with concrete sales leads and a deep understanding of each water utility and its service. We give you direct access to and contacts details for each utility and the decision maker where possible.

For each utility you will receive the following information:
• Country
• State
• Utility name
• Address
• Phone
• Website
• General email address
• Water services
• Wastewater services
• Drainage/stormwater service
• Other services
• Service area type
• Service area description
• Ownership type
• Name of the owner/contract operator
• Population served water (number)
• Population served wastewater (number)
• Water connections (number)
• Wastewater connections (number)
• Water pipe network (km)
• Wastewater pipe network (km)
• Name of Head of the organisation
• Job title
• E-mail
• Phone number
Table of contents

Our GWI Market Insight Series gives you everything you need to break into the USA water market or increase your water market share.

The report covers every facet of the water industry in the USA, including coverage of:
• Context and overview of market challenges
• Water sector organisation and structure
• Water availability and demand
• Municipal water and wastewater infrastructure
• Water finance
• Private sector participation
• Procurement process
• Supply chain analysis
• Current and future key projects
• Future market direction
• Market forecast
• Regulatory framework
• Drinking water quality regulations
• Municipal and industrial wastewater quality regulations
• Water reuse regulations
• Water in Industry
• List of laws, standards and policies
• Database of 1077 water utilities in the USA