Analyzing the Global Wine Industry 2015

Analyzing the Global Wine Industry 2015

  • June 2015
  • 625 pages
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Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of grape juice. The natural chemical balance of grapes is such that they can ferment without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes or other nutrients. Wine is produced by fermenting crushed grapes using various types of yeast which consume the sugars found in the grapes and convert them into alcohol. Various varieties of grapes and strains of yeasts are used depending on the types of wine produced.

The wine industry can be defined by establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wines, brandy, and brandy spirits. This business also includes bonded wine cellars which are engaged in blending wines.

Wine has a rich history dating back to around 6000 BC and is thought to have originated in areas now within the borders of Georgia and Iran. Wine probably appeared in Europe at about 4500 BC in what is now Bulgaria and Greece, and was very common in ancient Greece, Thrace and Rome. Wine has also played an important role in religion throughout history. The Greek god Dionysos and the Roman god Bacchus represented wine, and the drink is also used in Christian and Jewish ceremonies such as the Eucharist and Kiddush.

Aruvian Research presents a research report on Analyzing the Global Wine Industry. The report covers the basics of wine, all you would need to know about wines, an overview of the global wine industry, including a SWOT Framework Analysis and a Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis, market statistics, production/consumption data, and much more.

Moving on to section 2, the report analyzes the major wine markets in the world. An analysis of 28 countries is included in this section, including data on production, consumption, distribution, competition. Data analyzed for each of the countries is for the years 2010-2019.

Section 3 of the report focuses on the leading industry contributors of the Global Wine Industry. The section profiles over 100 of the leading wine producers of the world, ranging from companies located in China to the United States. The companies are analyzed through a company profile, an analysis of their business segments, a financial analysis and a SWOT analysis.
Analyzing the Global Wine Industry

A. Executive Summary

Section 1: Overview of the Global Wine Industry

B. Getting to Know your Wine
B.1 What is Wine?
B.2 History of Wine
B.3 Grape Varieties Used to Make Wine
B.4 Classification of Wine
B.4.1 Classifying by Appellation
B.4.2 Classifying by Vinification Methods & Style
B.4.3 Classifying by Vintage or Varietal
B.5 Vintage Wines
B.6 Wine Tasting
B.7 The Art of Wine Collection
B.8 Health Effects of Wine
B.9 Uses of Wine
B.10 How to Pack & Store Wine

C. Defining the Global Wine Industry

D. Industry Analysis
D.1 History of the Wine Industry
D.2 Industry Structure
D.3 Development of Global Wine Market
D.4 Impact of Globalization
D.5 Changes in Demand Behavior
D.6 Market Balance
D.7 Global Wine Market Size
D.8 Global Wine Production
D.9 Market Segmentation & Share
D.10 Competition in the Industry
D.11 Distribution
D.12 Industry Forecast

E. Global Wine Industry: SWOT Framework Analysis
E.1 Strengths to Build Upon
E.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
E.3 Opportunities to Exploit
E.4 Threats to Overcome

F. Global Wine Industry: Porter's Five Forces Strategy Analysis
F.1 Bargaining Power of Buyers
F.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
F.3 Competitive Rivalry in the Industry
F.4 Threat of New Entrants
F.5 Threat of Substitutes

G. Analyzing Market Trends & Growth Factors

H. Challenges Facing the Global Wine Industry
H.1 New World Supply Imbalance
H.2 Health Issues and Government Regulation
H.3 More Stringent Advertising Regulations
H.4 Declining Wine Consumption in Western Europe
H.5 Excise Tax Increases

Section 2: Analyzing the Major Wine Markets

A. Analyzing the Wine Market in Australia
A.1 Market Overview
A.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
A.3 Wine Market in Australia: Volume Analysis
A.4 Market Segmentation
A.5 Australia Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
A.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Australia
A.7 Competition in the Industry
A.8 Industry Forecast

B. Analyzing the Wine Market in Belgium
B.1 Market Overview
B.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
B.3 Wine Market in Belgium: Volume Analysis
B.4 Market Segmentation
B.5 Belgium Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
B.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Belgium
B.7 Competition in the Industry
B.8 Industry Forecast

C. Analyzing the Wine Market in Brazil
C.1 Market Overview
C.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
C.3 Wine Market in Brazil: Volume Analysis
C.4 Market Segmentation
C.5 Brazil Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
C.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Brazil
C.7 Competition in the Industry
C.8 Industry Forecast

D. Analyzing the Wine Market in Canada
D.1 Market Overview
D.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
D.3 Wine Market in Canada: Volume Analysis
D.4 Market Segmentation
D.5 Canada Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
D.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Canada
D.7 Competition in the Industry
D.8 Industry Forecast

E. Analyzing the Wine Market in China
E.1 Market Overview
E.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
E.3 Wine Market in China: Volume Analysis
E.4 Market Segmentation
E.5 China Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
E.6 Wine Distribution Channels in China
E.7 Competition in the Industry
E.8 Industry Forecast

F. Analyzing the Wine Market in Czech Republic
F.1 Market Overview
F.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
F.3 Wine Market in Czech Republic: Volume Analysis
F.4 Market Segmentation
F.5 Czech Republic Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
F.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Czech Republic
F.7 Competition in the Industry
F.8 Industry Forecast

G. Analyzing the Wine Market in Denmark
G.1 Market Overview
G.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
G.3 Wine Market in Denmark: Volume Analysis
G.4 Market Segmentation
G.5 Denmark Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
G.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Denmark
G.7 Competition in the Industry
G.8 Industry Forecast

H. Analyzing the Wine Market in France
H.1 Market Overview
H.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
H.3 Wine Market in France: Volume Analysis
H.4 Market Segmentation
H.5 France Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
H.6 Wine Distribution Channels in France
H.7 Competition in the Industry
H.8 Industry Forecast

I. Analyzing the Wine Market in Germany
I.1 Market Overview
I.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
I.3 Wine Market in Germany: Volume Analysis
I.4 Market Segmentation
I.5 Germany Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
I.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Germany
I.7 Competition in the Industry
I.8 Industry Forecast

J. Analyzing the Wine Market in Hungary
J.1 Market Overview
J.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
J.3 Wine Market in Hungary: Volume Analysis
J.4 Market Segmentation
J.5 Hungary Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
J.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Hungary
J.7 Competition in the Industry
J.8 Industry Forecast

K. Analyzing the Wine Market in India
K.1 Market Overview
K.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
K.3 Wine Market in India: Volume Analysis
K.4 Market Segmentation
K.5 India Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
K.6 Wine Distribution Channels in India
K.7 Competition in the Industry
K.8 Industry Forecast

L. Analyzing the Wine Market in Ireland
L.1 Market Overview
L.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
L.3 Wine Market in Ireland: Volume Analysis
L.4 Market Segmentation
L.5 Ireland Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
L.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Ireland
L.7 Competition in the Industry
L.8 Industry Forecast

M. Analyzing the Wine Market in Italy
M.1 Market Overview
M.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
M.3 Wine Market in Italy: Volume Analysis
M.4 Market Segmentation
M.5 Italy Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
M.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Italy
M.7 Competition in the Industry
M.8 Industry Forecast

N. Analyzing the Wine Market in Japan
N.1 Market Overview
N.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
N.3 Wine Market in Japan: Volume Analysis
N.4 Market Segmentation
N.5 Japan Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
N.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Japan
N.7 Competition in the Industry
N.8 Industry Forecast

O. Analyzing the Wine Market in Mexico
O.1 Market Overview
O.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
O.3 Wine Market in Mexico: Volume Analysis
O.4 Market Segmentation
O.5 Mexico Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
O.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Mexico
O.7 Competition in the Industry
O.8 Industry Forecast

P. Analyzing the Wine Market in the Netherlands
P.1 Market Overview
P.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
P.3 Wine Market in Netherlands: Volume Analysis
P.4 Market Segmentation
P.5 Netherlands Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
P.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Netherlands
P.7 Competition in the Industry
P.8 Industry Forecast

Q. Analyzing the Wine Market in Norway
Q.1 Market Overview
Q.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
Q.3 Wine Market in Norway: Volume Analysis
Q.4 Market Segmentation
Q.5 Norway Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
Q.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Norway
Q.7 Competition in the Industry
Q.8 Industry Forecast

R. Analyzing the Wine Market in Poland
R.1 Market Overview
R.1 Market Growth & Value Analysis
R.1 Wine Market in Poland: Volume Analysis
R.1 Market Segmentation
R.1 Poland Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
R.1 Wine Distribution Channels in Poland
R.1 Competition in the Industry
R.1 Industry Forecast

S. Analyzing the Wine Market in Portugal
S.1 Market Overview
S.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
S.3 Wine Market in Portugal: Volume Analysis
S.4 Market Segmentation
S.5 Portugal Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
S.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Portugal
S.7 Competition in the Industry
S.8 Industry Forecast

T. Analyzing the Wine Market in Russia
T.1 Market Overview
T.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
T.3 Wine Market in Russia: Volume Analysis
T.4 Market Segmentation
T.5 Russia Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
T.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Russia
T.7 Competition in the Industry
T.8 Industry Forecast

U. Analyzing the Wine Market in Singapore
U.1 Market Overview
U.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
U.3 Wine Market in Singapore: Volume Analysis
U.4 Market Segmentation
U.5 Singapore Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
U.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Singapore
U.7 Competition in the Industry
U.8 Industry Forecast

V. Analyzing the Wine Market in South Africa
V.1 Market Overview
V.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
V.3 Wine Market in South Africa: Volume Analysis
V.4 Market Segmentation
V.5 South Africa Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
V.6 Wine Distribution Channels in South Africa
V.7 Competition in the Industry
V.8 Industry Forecast

W. Analyzing the Wine Market in South Korea
W.1 Market Overview
W.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
W.3 Wine Market in South Korea: Volume Analysis
W.4 Market Segmentation
W.5 South Korea Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
W.6 Wine Distribution Channels in South Korea
W.7 Competition in the Industry
W.8 Industry Forecast

X. Analyzing the Wine Market in Spain
X.1 Market Overview
X.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
X.3 Wine Market in Spain: Volume Analysis
X.4 Market Segmentation
X.5 Spain Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
X.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Spain
X.7 Competition in the Industry
X.8 Industry Forecast

Y. Analyzing the Wine Market in Sweden
Y.1 Market Overview
Y.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
Y.3 Wine Market in Sweden: Volume Analysis
Y.4 Market Segmentation
Y.5 Sweden Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
Y.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Sweden
Y.7 Competition in the Industry
Y.8 Industry Forecast

Z. Analyzing the Wine Market in Taiwan
Z.1 Market Overview
Z.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
Z.3 Wine Market in Taiwan: Volume Analysis
Z.4 Market Segmentation
Z.5 Taiwan Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
Z.6 Wine Distribution Channels in Taiwan
Z.7 Competition in the Industry
Z.8 Industry Forecast

AA. Analyzing the Wine Market in United Kingdom
AA.1 Market Overview
AA.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
AA.3 Wine Market in United Kingdom: Volume Analysis
AA.4 Market Segmentation
AA.5 United Kingdom Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
AA.6 Wine Distribution Channels in United Kingdom
AA.7 Competition in the Industry
AA.8 Industry Forecast

BB. Analyzing the Wine Market in United States
BB.1 Market Overview
BB.2 Market Growth & Value Analysis
BB.3 Wine Market in United States: Volume Analysis
BB.4 Market Segmentation
BB.5 United States Wine Industry: Market Share Analysis
BB.6 Wine Distribution Channels in United States
BB.7 Competition in the Industry
BB.8 Industry Forecast

Section 3: Major Industry Players

A. Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd
A.1 Corporate Profile
A.2 Business Segment Analysis
A.3 Financial Analysis
A.4 SWOT Analysis

B. Bacardi Limited
B.1 Corporate Profile
B.2 Business Segment Analysis
B.3 Financial Analysis
B.4 SWOT Analysis

C. Brown-Forman Corporation
C.1 Corporate Profile
C.2 Business Segment Analysis
C.3 Financial Analysis
C.4 SWOT Analysis

D. Constellation Brands
D.1 Corporate Profile
D.2 Business Segment Analysis
D.3 Financial Analysis
D.4 SWOT Analysis

E. Diageo Plc
E.1 Corporate Profile
E.2 Business Segment Analysis
E.3 Financial Analysis
E.4 SWOT Analysis

F. E. & J. Gallo Winery
F.1 Corporate Profile
F.2 Business Segment Analysis
F.3 Financial Analysis
F.4 SWOT Analysis

G. Foster's Group
G.1 Corporate Profile
G.2 Business Segment Analysis
G.3 Financial Analysis
G.4 SWOT Analysis

H. Kirin Holding Company, Limited
H.1 Corporate Profile
H.2 Business Segment Analysis
H.3 Financial Analysis
H.4 SWOT Analysis

I. LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE
I.1 Corporate Profile
I.2 Business Segment Analysis
I.3 Financial Analysis
I.4 SWOT Analysis

J. Pernod Ricard SA
J.1 Corporate Profile
J.2 Business Segment Analysis
J.3 Financial Analysis
J.4 SWOT Analysis

K. Sapporo Holdings
K.1 Corporate Profile
K.2 Business Segment Analysis
K.3 Financial Analysis
K.4 SWOT Analysis

L. Suntory Holdings Limited
L.1 Corporate Profile
L.2 Business Segment Analysis
L.3 Financial Analysis
L.4 SWOT Analysis

M. AdVini SA
M.1 Corporate Profile
M.2 Business Segment Analysis
M.3 Financial Analysis

N. Ambra SA
N.1 Corporate Profile
N.2 Business Segment Analysis
N.3 Financial Analysis

O. Andrew Peller Ltd
O.1 Corporate Profile
O.2 Business Segment Analysis
O.3 Financial Analysis

P. Belvedere SA
P.1 Corporate Profile
P.2 Business Segment Analysis
P.3 Financial Analysis

Q. Daniel Thwaites PLC
Q.1 Corporate Profile
Q.2 Business Segment Analysis
Q.3 Financial Analysis

R. Davide Campari Milano SpA
R.1 Corporate Profile
R.2 Business Segment Analysis
R.3 Financial Analysis

S. Distell Group Limited
S.1 Corporate Profile
S.2 Business Segment Analysis
S.3 Financial Analysis

T. Remy Cointreau
T.1 Corporate Profile
T.2 Business Segment Analysis
T.3 Financial Analysis

U. Treasury Wine Estates
U.1 Corporate Profile
U.2 Business Segment Analysis
U.3 Financial Analysis

V. United Spirits Limited
V.1 Corporate Profile
V.2 Business Segment Analysis
V.3 Financial Analysis

W. Accolade Wines Australia Limited
X. Aurora Vinicola
Y. Bartex Bartol S.J.
Z. Beam Global Spirits & Wine
AA. Bodegas de Santo Tomás
BB. Bohemia Sekt Group
CC. Brand Phoenix Ltd.
DD. Cantine Riunite & CIV S.C.Agr.
EE. Casa Di Conti Ltda
FF. Casa Vinicola Caldirola SpA
GG. Casella Wines Pty Ltd
HH. CAVIRO Soc. Coop. Agr.
II. CHAMP Private Equity
JJ. Citic Guoan Wine Co Ltd
KK. Codorñiu
LL. COFCO Corporation
MM. Creekside Winery
NN. CVBG Dourthe Kressmann
OO. Damianitza
PP. De Bortoli Wines
QQ. DGB (Pty) Ltd
RR. Dionis Club
SS. Dulong Company
TT. Dynasty Fine Wines Group Limited
VV. Egervin Brogazdasag
WW. Félix Solís S.L.
XX. Feravino
YY. Finca La Celia
ZZ. Freixenet SA
A1. Gemma SpA
B1. Groupe Castel
C1. Grover Zampa Pvt Ltd.
D1. Grupo de Bodegas Vinartis
E1. Hedges Family Estate
F1. Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG
G1. Henkell & Söhnlein
H1. Hillebrand Winery
I1. Indage Vintners
J1. Inniskillin
K1. Inter Rhone
L1. J. García Carrión SA
M1. Joseph Verdier
N1. Kaesler Vineyard and Winery
O1. Kriter Patriarche
P1. KWV Holdings, Ltd
Q1. La Madrilena S.A de C.V.
R1. Les Grands Chais de France
S1. Maison Albert Bichot
T1. Marinter, S.A. de C.V.
U1. McWilliams Wines Group
V1. Mercian Corporation
W1. Moskovsky Mezhrespublikansky Vinodelchesky Zavod OAO
X1. Namaqua Wines
Y1. Nashik Vintners Pvt. Ltd.
Z1. Oenoforos AB
A2. Patriarche Père et Fils
B2. Paul Sapin
C2. Peter Mertes GmbH & Co. KG
D2. PrimeDrinks SA
E2. Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH
F2. Sektkellerei Schloss Wachenheim AG
G2. Shaw Wallace
H2. Sociedad Anonima Vina Santa Rita
I2. Société Jacques Bollinger
J2. Sogrape Vinhos SA
K2. Southern Wine & Spirits of America
L2. The Terlato Wine Group
M2. The Wine Group
N2. Trinchero Family Estates
O2. United Brands s.r.o.
P2. Universal Distiller Product Co., Ltd.
Q2. Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano
R2. Vinicola L.a. Cetto, SA De CV
S2. Vinicola Miolo Ltda
T2. Vinicola Salton
U2. VINIUM a.s.
V2. Vinska klet Goriška Brda z.o.o.
W2. Wine International Project srl
X2. Yantai Changyu Group Company Limited
Y2. Yantai Weilong Grape Wine Co., Ltd.
Z2. Zhejiang GuYueLongShan Shaoxing Wine Co.
A3. Zidela Wines
B3. Znovin Znojmo, a. s.

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