China ICT 2014 Top 10 Predictions

  • Feb 2014
  • By IDC
  • 29 pages

China ICT 2014 Top 10 Predictions

  • Feb 2014
  • By IDC
  • 29 pages

This IDC study summarizes the development situation of China's economy and the ICT market in 2013, and presents 10 forecasts for the 2014 China ICT market according to the latest economic situation and ICT technology development trends. The forecasts cover the overall IT and telecom market, regional ICT markets, the 3rd platform, software and services outsourcing, individual terminals and services, industry markets, and the Internet.

"With changes in the economic environment and to users' demands, the ICT industry is shifting to a new technology platform that enables growth and innovation. IDC believes that the current market is in the process of evolving from 2nd platform to 3rd platform technology represented by cloud computing, mobilization, Big Data, and social business. 3rd platform technology will become a major impetus for ICT market growth over the next twenty to twenty-five years," says Kitty Fok, managing director, IDC China.

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In This Study

IDC's 2014 Top 10 Predictions Team

Situation Overview

China's Economy Is in a Period of Growth Adjustment

China's ICT Market Will Remain Positive in 2014 and Beyond

Third Platform-Related Technologies Will Lead Future ICT Market Growth

Future Outlook

Prediction #1: The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee Will Benefit China's ICT Market in 2014 and Beyond

China's Economy Will Maintain Steady Growth

The Change of Economic Environment Has Been Positive for the ICT Market in Five Industry Segments and Four Key Areas

Five Industry Segments

Four Key Areas

The Chinese Government Will Pay More Attention to Security and Localization

Prediction #2: The Top-Level Design of Smart Cities in China Will Become a Hotspot for Future Development

Prediction #3: The Ecosystem of the Domestic Personal IT Device Manufacturers Will Rise in 2014

Peripheral Products Are Becoming a Fashion

Terminal Products Are Becoming Abundant

Multiscreen Interactive Experiences Are on the Rise

There Is Still the Dream of an Operating System

Prediction #4: Datacenters Defined by Hybrid Clouds and Software Will Be a Hotspot of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Will Become a Mainstream Architecture

End Users Will Focus on Hybrid Clouds

Software-Defined Datacenters Will Become Sought After

Backbone Network Expansion Will Promote Cloud Computing Datacenter Development Down to the Next Tier of Cities

Prediction #5: China's Rural Market Will Step Into the Smart Terminals Deployment Period in 2014

Prediction #6: Enterprise Mobility Will Shift From a Single-Point Pilot Mode to Multiple Systems Construction

Prediction #7: The Application of Big Data Will Be Put into Practice and Deeply Integrated into the Industry

The Big Data Market in China Will Grow Rapidly Over the Coming Five Years

With the Deep Integration of Big Data into Industrial Applications, Application Scenarios Will Be More Abundant

Big Data Privacy and Security Issues Will Gain Attention

Multiple Big Data Technologies Will Coexist in 2014

Cloud Services Based on Big Data Will Boom in 2014

Prediction #8: Social Business Will Improve Cooperation Between Enterprises and Upgrade Communication Platforms

Prediction #9: Traditional Enterprises' Internet Processes Will Accelerate at Different Rates

Prediction #10: Innovative Industrial Solutions Will Define the ICT Industry and Its New Patterns of Market Competition

The 3rd Platform Will Shake Up the Industry's Market Competition Patterns

An Innovative Industry Platform and Ecosystem Will Emerge

Business Line Management Levels Will Have More Influence over ICT Decisions

There Will Be a Highlighted Need for IT Talent and Role Changes

Essential Guidance

Suggestions for Manufacturers and Channels

Suggestions for CIOs

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Figure: China Macroeconomy Data, 2008-2014

Figure: Growth of China's Economy and Its ICT Market

Figure: Growth of the 3rd Platform in China and Across the World

Figure: Highlights of Reform at the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee and Affected Sectors

Figure: Top-Level Design of Smart Cities

Figure: Ecosystem Dynamics for Domestic Individual IT Vendors

Figure: China's Public Cloud Computing Market Size and Forecast, 2012-2017

Figure: China's Private Cloud Infrastructure Expenditure Market Size and Forecast, 2012-2017

Figure: Influencing Factors Accelerating Deployment of Smart Terminals in the Rural Market

Figure: Enterprises' Mobile Applications Solutions Market,2014-2018

Figure: China's Big Data Technology and Services Market Size and Forecast, 2013-2017

Figure: Social Business Will Comprehensively Affect Enterprises' Business Processes

Figure: IDC Social Business Maturity Model

Figure: Internetization Process for Traditional Enterprises

Figure: Innovative Industry Solutions Based on the 3rd Platform