China Hemodialysis Equipment Import and Export Report, 2013-2016

China Hemodialysis Equipment Import and Export Report, 2013-2016

  • July 2014 •
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Hemodialysis equipment is the most widely used treatment apparatus in blood purification, primarily targeting patients with acute or chronic renal failure.

The Chinese hemodialysis equipment market shows a high concentration, mainly occupied by European, American and Japanese enterprises. In 2013, the import independent rate was around 70%.

Imports: Along with the growing demand for hemodialysis equipment in China, its import value also rose fast at a CAGR of 20% in 2009-2013. Germany, Sweden and Japan as the main sources made up about 97% of China’s total import value of hemodialysis equipment in 2013.

From the import enterprise perspective, Germany-based Fresenius, Sweden-based Gambro, Germany-based B.Braun, Japan-based Toray and Nikkiso held down the top five positions (by import value) in 2013, altogether accounting for about 90% of China’s total imports.

Exports: China’s hemodialysis equipment export value is less than 5% of import value. However, with the increasing number of hemodialysis equipment manufacturers and mature production technology, the figure is expected to grow faster.

In China, Guangdong Province and Shandong Province as the main export regions took up a combined 85% of total exports in 2013. Major hemodialysis equipment export enterprises refer to Jihua Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co., Ltd, Bain Medical Equipment (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd., Toray Medical (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., etc..

China Hemodialysis Equipment Import and Export Report, 2013-2016 by ResearchInChina mainly contains the followings:
Global and China hemodialysis equipment market size, competition pattern, etc.;
China hemodialysis equipment import value, sources, regions, ports, enterprises and products, etc.;
China hemodialysis equipment export value, destinations, regions, ports, enterprises, etc.;
Contrastive analysis of Chinese hemodialysis equipment import enterprises, forecast of import and export volume, etc..