Japan SDN Market Players Trends 2015: Vendors, Service Providers and Telecom Operators

Japan SDN Market Players Trends 2015: Vendors, Service Providers and Telecom Operators

  • February 2015 •
  • 9 pages •
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In this study, we analyze the business trends of integrators and vendors that provide software-defined network (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) to solutions DCs, enterprise networks, and communications networks. Having passed through the conceptualization and trial/verification stages, gone under the pressures of excessive expectations and suffered a backlash from that, SDN (Software-Defined Network) has now entered the practical application phase. Now, datacenters (DCs) and enterprise networks have started to implement the technology with clearer objectives. Telecommunications providers, in particular, are strongly inclined to reduce CAPEX/OPEX and realize more flexible network equipment leverage.

Prospects of improved operational efficiency and resolving existing technological issues may not be enough motivation for service providers to implement SDN solutions. "Datacenter SDN solutions vendors should develop solutions with a view to better benefit companies that are using cloud. It is necessary for providers to offer what their customers have not been able to achieve so far, such as drastic enhancement in security management efficiency and seamless connection between physical and virtual environments," says Kenichi Kusano, group manager, Communications, IDC Japan.

This is a translation of the Japanese document IDC #J15010102 and is summarized to reduce the gap in time since the original version was published. All of the following sections are, however, fully translated:

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