Analysis of the Global Vaccines Delivery Market : Innovative Technologies and Future Trends for Stakeholders

Analysis of the Global Vaccines Delivery Market : Innovative Technologies and Future Trends for Stakeholders

  • March 2015 •
  • 82 pages •
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The analysis in this research service is based on the following:
•Information collected through discussions with market participants.
•Information from secondary pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies involved in vaccine or drug delivery systems, related Web sites, and other credible sources.
•Public announcements from key market leaders, suppliers, new market entrants, and other companies.
•Frost & Sullivan’s published research and market and technology expertise. All market figures and shares listed within this report are Frost & Sullivan's assessments based on the analysis conducted. For Market Engineering research, Frost & Sullivan utilises tried and tested marketing techniques to provide the research structure and an easy format to compare growth across different countries and markets over a specified period of time. This project uses primary (telephone) and secondary (published and online material) research as the principal methods of data gathering. Interviews for this project primarily focus on the respondent types outlined below:
•Industry participants
•End users
•Key regulatory bodies
•Frost & Sullivan published research services
•Decision Support Databases
•Country Industry Forecasts
•Annual reports published by companies

Key Findings

•The global vaccine delivery market comprised x to x % of the total pharmaceuticals market in 2014; however, while the pharmaceuticals market is growing at x to x %, the vaccine delivery market is growing at x to x %.
•The most commonly available vaccines are administered by injection; this makes mass immunisation more expensive and less safe, particularly in resource-poor developing countries.
•In 2014, the global market for injectable drugs was worth $ x billion, of which, injectable vaccines comprised x %. Vaccine injectables are only a small portion of the market, and are likely to be overtaken by needleless vaccines in the next x to x years.
•The top five vaccine manufacturers held x % of the market share in 2013. With the acquisition of Novartis (to be completed in 2015), the market share of Glaxo SmithKline (GSK) is likely to increase by x %. Likewise, Pfizer's acquisition of Baxter's portfolio is likely to make the company stronger.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

Is the vaccine delivery market growing? How long will it continue to grow, and at what rate?
Which are the top three competitors in this market?
What are the major drivers and restraints in this market?
Which is the most attractive segment in the total vaccine delivery market?
What are the upcoming technologies in the vaccine delivery market?