Why You Cannot Afford to Overlook Turkey and Chile for Opportunities in the Global Renal Care Market

Why You Cannot Afford to Overlook Turkey and Chile for Opportunities in the Global Renal Care Market

  • May 2015 •
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With the rise in income levels of developing countries, disease profiles are shifting to include the higher prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, which can have a strong causative correlation with renal disorders. Over the past decade, developing countries have demonstrated significant growth in the prevalence of diabetes and kidney disease. These emerging markets have a strong demand for renal care-related medical devices and services. Given the high prevalence of kidney disease such as chronic and end-stage renal disease, the availability of resources for meeting the demand is still inadequate, indicating a strong presence of untapped opportunities in the global renal care market.

Executive Summary

Business Insight
Several developing countries worldwide have demonstrated strong growth in renal disease cases over the past few years. Growth in causative factors such as diabetes seems to go side-by-side for these countries.

Many of these countries have low imports of renal care devices, even though they have a high prevalence of kidney disease, signaling a lack of ample facilities to meet the demand for renal care.

Growth Insight
The lack of healthcare facilities does not ensure growth potential. Governance effectiveness, in terms of converting healthcare spending to growth in healthcare infrastructure and workforce, indicates potential for growth in healthcare business.

Turkey and Chile are destinations with a high number of patients needing renal care and with strong government support towards boosting the healthcare scenario.

Profit Insight
Both Turkey and Chile have a high demand for renal treatment from domestic patients. In addition, these locations are sought after destinations for medical
tourism for various other forms of treatment.

Given the strong inflow of medical tourists in certain cities, along with the existing number of domestic patients needing renal care, these cities are the most lucrative
locations for investment in renal care.