Trends and Innovations in Key Account Management

Trends and Innovations in Key Account Management

  • July 2015 •
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Your customers need and demand more from you today. Key Account Management (KAM) is the model designed to deliver it. But as prescribing decisions become increasingly complicated, complexity that is compounded by the growth of integrated care networks, how can KAM meet the challenges that lie ahead?

Trends and Innovations in Key Account Management provides anyone involved in developing, implementing or delivering KAM with a comprehensive understanding of the issues shaping the KAM landscape and the critical factors that determine its success. The report sets out an approach for the optimal KAM function with insights from leading experts and those running successful KAM operations.

Key Issues Explored

Get insights from leading pharma companies and experts on key issues that help you answer critical questions

What is good KAM practice?
What factors are critical to the success of a KAM program?
How has the shift of prescribing power to integrated decision-making groups fuelled the growth of KAM?
What is the importance of cross-functional buy-in to the success of KAM?
How can KAM as a strategy facilitate market access?
How do you identify the key attributes key account managers must possess?
What tools and tactics are critical to implementing a KAM strategy?
What is KAM’s role in the pursuit of true customer-centricity?
What are the barriers faced by companies implementing KAM?
What are the key strategies to ensure successful implementation of KAM?
How will KAM need to evolve over the next 5 years?

Top Takeaways

Learn the top ten critical success factors for successful implementation of a KAM approach
Determine which customers merit a KAM approach
Identify, segment and prioritise customers for the optimal approach to KAM
Build mutually beneficial partnerships with customers for long-term value creation
Understand how KAMs facilitate the building of strong partnerships with payers for market access gains
Understand strategies, tools and tactics for the implementation of a successful KAM program

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