Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Market (2nd edition), 2015-2025

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Market (2nd edition), 2015-2025

  • July 2015 •
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Cancer is known to be one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The field of oncology is vast and comprises several indications, including some rare / orphan forms. Although oncology continues to be one of the most active areas in terms of drug development, there is still a significant unmet need. The focus of drug developers is gradually moving towards immunotherapeutics, which make use of the body’s own immune system or its components to fight cancer. It is a relatively new concept, with the only success being targeted antibody based therapeutics (including monoclonal and conjugated antibodies). Interest has surged in other classes of immunotherapeutics; these include Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, therapeutic cancer vaccines and other whole cell based therapies.

Immune checkpoints are molecules that regulate (stimulate or inactivate) the immune cells. Yervoy (an anti CTLA-4 drug), the foremost drug to be launched in this domain, is currently being mirrored by various other drugs such as Opdivo, Keytruda (both anti PD-1 drugs) and many under clinical development. The market, with an opportunistic development pipeline, caters to the participation of various market players (big and small) over a common platform.With an ongoing rush to emerge as leaders in the evolving market, various stakeholders have collaborated to establish their foothold in a relatively short time period.

In addition to the marketed drugs (Yervoy, Opdivo and Keytruda), we expect a number of drugs currently in advanced stages of development (Tremelimumab, Elotuzumab, RG7446 and Avelumab)to achieve blockbuster status in the near future. The anticipated success of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors shall prove to be a harbinger for emerging players and a strong impetus to the development pace of the other pharmaceutical giants.

The “Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Market (2nd edition), 2015-2025” report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current market landscape and the future outlook of the growing pipeline of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors. The immuno-oncology market encompasses a myriad of immune checkpoint targeting drugs which can be potentially exploited for a broad range of cancer indications. Specifically, CTLA-4 inhibitors were the pioneers in this segment. Yervoy, the flagship molecule from BMS, was the only immunotherapeutic commercially available until other classes recently stepped in. The recent approval of anti PD-1 drugs and emergence of anti PD-L1 drugs has provided a significant boost to the market.

In addition, there are several novel checkpoint inhibitors (e.g. IDO, LAG-3, CD70, OX40, CD40, GITR, TIM-3, CD137/4-1BB, KIR, TDO, VISTA, CS1, NKG2A, GARP, ICOS) which have recently gained ground and are expected to retain attention in the future.

One of the key objectives of the study is to review the prospects laid by the robust, opportunistic and broad pipelines of the pharmaceutical firms. With three marketed drugs (Yervoy, Keytruda and Opdivo), the market is treading its way towards fulfilling the huge untapped promise. Amongst other elements, the report elaborates upon the following key areas:
The current state of the market with respect to key players, developmental stage of pipeline products (both clinical / pre-clinical) and indications targeted
Recent partnerships which have taken place over the last five years including product co-development, licensing and clinical trial collaborations
Combinationtherapies where Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors are being evaluated in combination with other anti-cancer agents/therapies
Various investments and grants received by the companies focused in this area
Competitive landscape and inherent threats to growth in the short and long term
Development and sales potential based on target consumer segments, likely adoption rate and expected pricing

The base year for the report is 2015. The rep

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