UK Commercial Motor Insurance: Competitor Dynamics, Verdict

UK Commercial Motor Insurance: Competitor Dynamics, Verdict

The commercial motor insurance market remains unprofitable and under pressure to see through sufficient rate increases. Reported year COR for the line presented a better picture in 2012, reflected in improving operating ratios for eight of the top 10 insurers. However, reserve releases played a significant role in this, with underlying market performance found to be slightly weaker than in 2011.

- Gauge the performance of the top commercial motor insurers by GWP growth and market share across fleet and non-fleet segments.
- Gain insight into which market players have achieved sustainable growth, with analysis of combined, loss, commission, and management cost ratios.
- See which insurers were the most selected provider for commercial motor insurance by surveyed brokers and SME businesses.

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- Which companies were the top players in the commercial motor insurance market in 2012?
- How profitable were the top commercial property insurers in 2012?
- In which areas of performance have the top 10 insurers improved and where is further action needed in 2013?

Key Highlights
A majority of the commercial motor insurance market's top 10 competitors by GWP were unable to achieve CORs below 100% in 2012. Only Direct Line Group (with a COR of 61.9%) and Allianz (80.6%) succeeded in this task.

Direct Line Group continues to lag in comparison to the top 10 on expense ratio, which in 2012 remained the highest among this group at 36.7%.

Allianz continued to improve COR figures with reserve releases in 2012, but this bolstered a fundamentally profitable book, with underwriting profit increasing.