Reverse Costing of CREE CXA1520 LED Array

Reverse Costing of CREE CXA1520 LED Array

  • June 2014 •
  • 82 pages •
  • Report ID: 3673852 •
  • Format: PDF
The CXA1520 is the first high density LED array from CREE. With a breakdown voltage of 35V for a current of 0.5A (85°C), the CXA1520 generate 1710 lumens for 3000K and a CRI of 80% in a “15.85mmx15.85mm” package. The combination of Cree's proprietary Flip Chip SiC LEDs and high performance COB packaging, offers the one of best lumen density performance on the market.

The CXA1520 package has a very low thermal-resistance allowing for a lumen density similar to the one of discrete packaged LED but with a “lumen per $” 30% higher (compared to equivalent package).

This reverse costing report provides an estimation of the production cost of the CXA1520-0000-000N00N430F. Describes the overall manufacturing process and highlights key points of innovation developed by CREE.


- Comparison of 3 LEDs ( 2 CREE and 1 Sharp).
- Detailed photos and identification
- Manufacturing process flow
- In-depth economical analysis
- Manufacturing cost breakdown
- Selling price estimation