Vietnam E-Commerce Market Outlook to 2019 - Driven by Internet Penetration and Smartphone Usage

Vietnam E-Commerce Market Outlook to 2019 - Driven by Internet Penetration and Smartphone Usage

  • October 2015 •
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The report titled “Vietnam E-Commerce Market Outlook to 2019 – Driven by Internet Penetration and Smartphone Usage” provides a comprehensive analysis of E-Commerce market in Vietnam and covers various aspects such as market size of E commerce market, online gaming market, segmentation by online retail market, online travel market, online Entertainment and service booking market, regional demand and on the basis of types of Goods sold and performance model. The report also provides competitive landscape and profile of major players operating in E-commerce market of Vietnam. The future analysis of overall E-commerce market and by segments has also been discussed in each of the sub segment. The report is useful for online retailer, large E-commerce companies and other stakeholders to align their market centric strategies according to ongoing and expected trends in the future.

Online Retail Market

Online Retail is a very recent phenomenon in Vietnam with both popular brands coming online. The industry has been driven by increasing internet penetration, rising personal disposable income, lower prices relative to brick and mortar stores and presence of a large number of online retail portals offering a variety of good. The online retail market of Vietnam had generated revenue of over USD ~ million in 2014 with dominance in the clothing and consumer electronics segment that accounted for a share of ~% each in terms of revenue of the overall online retail market. The Vietnam online retail market showcased modest growth of ~% during 2011-2014. The market for online retail market in Vietnam is projected to grow at a CAGR of ~% in 2014-2019 and will reach USD ~ million in 2019.

Online Travel Market

The Online Travel market is still in its nascent stage and the revenue generated by the companies is expected to grow which will increase the share of sales of online travel agencies (OTAs) in the overall market. During 2014, Air travel has garnered the attention of large population in Vietnam, which has signified the facts that people are expected to book tickets online more often. The Vietnam online travel market showcased modest growth of ~% during 2011-2014. The market for online travel in Vietnam is projected to grow at a CAGR of ~% in 2014-2019 and reach USD ~ million in 2019.

Online Entertainment and Service Booking Market

Vietnam Online Entertainment and Services booking market has attained small but significant share in overall e-commerce market. The concept of online entertainment has become prevalent since the rise in internet penetration in Vietnam, owing to the emergence of various websites offering online booking of movie and event tickets as well as booking several professional services online. The competition in this segment in the coming years is anticipated to become stronger, which is owed to emergence of several new players. These players are expected to enhance the competition in the online entertainment (movie and event booking) market of Vietnam. Owing to these opportunities in the years to come, the revenues originated by the market are likely to enhance at a promising CAGR of ~% during the period 2015- 2019.

Vietnam Online Gaming Market

The Vietnam e commerce market has enhanced at a tremendous growth rate, yet the size of online gaming market is still minute owing to the fact that a large part of population does not have access to the speedy Internet service. During 2011-2014, the market for online gaming has inclined at a CAGR of ~% and reached USD ~ million in 2014. During the years, the industry has attained a significant share and brand value among the customers, with the companies coming out with different business models to built a trust among the customers, one such way adopted was purchase of online gaming vouchers at various local grocery and hyper mart stores. In coming years, the youth of the country will be well endowed in the future given the higher employment levels which will increase their spending on the online and smartphone gaming. It is expected that by 2019 the total revenue of online gaming industry in Vietnam will reach USD ~ million, registering a CAGR of ~% during 2015-2019.

Vietnam Online Advertisement Market

The market of Vietnam is highly attractive in terms of scale, income generation and economic prediction. Facebook has been one of the most popular sources of advertising in Vietnam. The online digital media advertising spent of Vietnam was registered at USD ~ million in 2014, inkling at CAGR of ~% in during 2011-2014. The incline in the market has been attributed mainly to the increasing adoption of mobile devices, connectivity and improvements in broadband infrastructure has led to increased investments in more content rich advertisements formats such as video and social media advertisements. In future it is expected reach USD ~ million in 2019, augmenting at a CAGR of ~%. The future growth will be driven by rapid growth in internet population and rising number of twitter users for advertising are major growth drivers for the Vietnam online advertising market.

Vietnam Online Payment Gateway Market

The online payment gateway market has increased at an annual rate of ~% during 2013-2014. The market has grown on account of the increase in the number of online users and consumer confidence in making online payment because of the secure safety measures offered by the online payment gateways and the augmented use of credit/ debit cards and internet banking for making online payments.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

- The market size of the Vietnam E Commerce market, online consumer retail, online travel, online entertainment, service booking market, online advertising market, online gaming market and online payment gateway market.
- The Market share of players in Vietnam E-commerce Market.
- Market segmentation of the E-commerce market on the basis of product category, gender, device used and others.
- SWOT analysis of Vietnam E-Commerce market
- Trends and Development in the Vietnam E-Commerce market
- Government Regulations in the Vietnam E-Commerce market
- Competitive landscape detailed company profiles and market share of the major players in online retail, online travel, online entertainment and online gaming of Vietnam E-Commerce market
- Macro Economic factors affecting Vietnam E-Commerce market
- Future outlook and projections of Vietnam E-Commerce market on the basis of – online consumer retail, online travel and online entertainment and service booking market