Technologies Enabling Indoor Air Purification (TechVision) 

Technologies Enabling Indoor Air Purification (TechVision) 

  • March 2016 •
  • 47 pages •
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Technologies Enabling Indoor Air Purification (TechVision): Responding to Worsening Outdoor Air Pollution

Indoor air needs to be purified or sterilized to provide a healthy indoor environment, since people spend 90% or more of their time indoors (World Health Organization). Research showed that indoor air quality can be more polluted than outdoor air due to poor air ventilation, contamination by construction materials, chemicals, exposure to radon in the building and so on. Long-term exposure to unhealthy air can cause serious respiratory problems and even cancer. This research service reports on various technologies that enable indoor air purification, providing safe and comfortable environments suitable for human occupancy. It gives an overview of the indoor air purification industry, a snapshot of current and emerging technologies, the technology landscape, opportunity evaluation, and technology roadmap till 2020. Appended at the end of the report are some key patents and a list of industry participants’ contacts.

Key Findings

Top drivers and challenges in the indoor air purification industry
- Degrading outdoor air quality in many countries, especially China and India; increased awareness of air pollution health hazards; and the rise of the middle-income population are the top drivers.
High installation and maintenance costs; the production of polluting or hazardous by-products; and the slow alleviation of symptoms by indoor air purification are the main challenges in the industry.

Top 3 existing technologies in indoor air purification
- Advanced air filtration
- Advanced photocatalytic oxidation
- Combined technologies

Top 3 emerging technologies in indoor air purification
Artificial Intelligence robotic air purifier that analyzes and purifies air at the same time
- Sensor-based air purifiers made from commonly available elements
- ?Do-It-Yourself? air filters made from the best materials with low price

Top technology trends in indoor air purification
- Technologies filtering out finer particles
- Holistic indoor air environment conditioning
- Automated and intelligent air purifiers

Growth opportunities for the indoor air purifier market
- Cost-effective technologies to meet more stringent regulatory indoor air quality are needed.
- In recent years, there has been a need to prevent the spread of dangerous airborne diseases.
- Researchers are trying to reduce the cost of efficient air purification to make it more affordable for the common people.