Global E-house Market for Power Distribution 

Global E-house Market for Power Distribution 

  • April 2016 •
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Global E-house Market for Power Distribution : Future Growth and Trends in the Global E-House Market

The study analyzes the e-house market in power distribution equipment by application (oil and gas, utility, mining, industrial, and wastewater treatment plants) and region (North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific) and provides definition of segments along with market size forecast. A growing need for power from infrastructure and offshore oil and gas end-user segments is driving the demand for e-houses. Fall in oil price and reluctance by end users to invest in such modular solutions is challenging the growth of the market during the forecast period. Major participants such as Eaton, ABB, and Schneider control the global e-house market.


- E-house is a simple and effective solution to improve performance, value, and cost benefits.
• In the current business environment, companies are changing drastically over time. Business units are created, dissolved, and expanded as companies widen their market reach.
• Power infrastructure needs to be modified to accommodate changing business trends. To address this, end users are recommissioning their facilities to ensure that their power needs are met efficiently.
• End users, including oil and gas and mining are facing a number of challenges such as size and location of their assets, long operational hours, and the environmental conditions in which they operate.
• Any interruption to their operation will result in significant loss in terms of revenue. For instance, the 2010 deep water spill resulted in significant revenue loss for BP, amounting to more than $ billion. Thus, the need for enhanced security and safety of assets and workforce is the most important goal for any end user.
• To achieve such a high level of security and safety, companies should have reliable infrastructure, including power infrastructure.
• Companies have identified the need to invest in advanced power solutions to ensure that they meet all the regulatory standards and mandates related to safety and security of their facility and workforce.

Executive Summary—Key Findings

The need for reliability and efficiency is driving the demand for E-house globally.
The E-house market is expected to generate $ million in 2015, registering a steady growth during the forecast period.
Developed regions such as the US and Europe account for a major share of the market revenue.
Investments in upgrading the utility infrastructure and oil and gas exploration activities are some of the major drivers for the e-house market.
ABB, Schneider Electric, and Eaton are some global market vendors in this space that have the capabilities to offer a complete, one-stop solution for customers.
Utilities and offshore oil and gas platforms are the major end-user segments for the E-house market during the forecast period.