Greece Water Coolers Report 2016

Greece Water Coolers Report 2016

  • June 2016 •
  • 30 pages •
  • Report ID: 4125013
Background and report description

In 2015, the total cooler market in Greece declined by a significant 8%, reducing the total number of units to 126,000. The majority of this decline was in the bottled water cooler sector, which fell by 9%, with POU units down by 5%.

Part of the 22nd annual edition West Europe Water Coolers report, Zenith’s report on Greece Water Coolers provides a comprehensive analysis on both bottled and POU water cooler markets in the country. The report sets out market and segment totals, providing the only report available on home and office delivery and POU market trends in the country. A full analysis of the POU market is also covered in the report.

What this report covers

Country market overview: Trends and developments of the bottled water cooler industry in Greece including bottled water cooler units, water consumption, throughput, water types, cancellations, contract lengths, machine types, outlets, legislation, maintenance and additional services, pricing structure and revenue analysis covering average monthly rental, average bottle price and total revenue, leading coolers companies by installed units and water volume.