Adoption of Disruptive Technologies Transforming Manufacturing

Adoption of Disruptive Technologies Transforming Manufacturing

  • September 2016 •
  • 81 pages •
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3DP, AR, VR, Advanced Robotics, and IIoT Drive Opportunities in Smart Manufacturing

The advent of Industry 4.0 and smart factories, digital manufacturing technologies have been experiencing exponential technological growth in recent years. Disruptive Technologies are playing a vital role in the revolutionary transformation of many key industries, such as aerospace, automotive, industrial automation, healthcare, and oil and gas sectors. 3D printing, advanced robotics, IIoT and many data driven technologies are not only redefining manufacturing, but are also fundamentally reshaping the product design.

Industries and manufacturers have started to adopt these transformative technologies to achieve maximum benefit from the technologies in terms of operating profits and achieving sustainability in manufacturing. The entire new transformation and revitalization in manufacturing is defined by data technologies and data analytics that will make the future of manufacturing highly automated and self-sufficient entities.

This technology and innovation assessment study titled ‘Adoption of Disruptive technologies transforming manufacturing’ will answer some critical questions about the transformative and disruptive technologies and their future.

Some of the

Key Questions Answered through this innovation report include:

What is the significance of Industry 4.0?
What are the disruptive technologies transforming the manufacturing landscape?
How will adoption of disruptive technologies transform manufacturing?
What are the industry trends driving adoption?
What are the key drivers and challenges of each disruptive technology?
What are the companies that are in the forefront of each technology and what do they offer?
What is the adoption potential of each disruptive technology in key industries?
What are future growth opportunities?