60 GHz Communications – Technologies, Markets and Applications

60 GHz Communications – Technologies, Markets and Applications

  • November 2016 •
  • 100 pages •
  • Report ID: 4297408 •
  • Format: PDF

A scarce amount of available traditional spectrum for mobile, WLANs and other types of communications is pushing the industry to explore previously underutilized and in many cases not utilized at all mmWave spectrum. Due to several factors that are discussed in the report, a level of mmWave communications commercialization only recently became noticeable.

This report addresses the current activities of the industry and academia towards the utilization of the mmWave 60 GHz transmission band for multiple applications, such as:

- Backhauling.
- Fixed radio communications.
- Mobile cellular communications.
- Intra/Inter vehicles communications.
- Data Center communications: chip-to-chip, shelf-to-shelf, and rack-to-rack.
- Intra-plane communications.
- 5G.

The interest for this band utilization stems from the following:

- It is free from licensing in many countries
- It provides very wide continuous bandwidth (7-8 GHz)
- Its specifics of propagation in free space open the door for many applications
- It supports a general trend in mobile communications – cells densification.

The report details the standardization process for 60 GHz communications channels and analyzes the following technologies:

- WirelessHD
- ECMA-387
- 802.15.3c
- WiGig and 802.11ad/ay
- Fixed radio transmission.

The report also provides results of the market analysis for 60 GHz products (2016-2020), as well as the survey of related industries.

The report addresses issues related to the transition mobile communications into the 5G era. In connection with this process, there are multiple trials and R&D efforts to select frequency bands for 5G; this is reflected in this report with the emphasis on the 60 GHz band importance.

The report also includes the survey of patents related to 802.11ad and WirelessHD standards.

The report targets a wide audience of technical, sales and managerial staff involved in the design, production, and sales and testing of 60 GHz products and their networking.