Philippines Excavator Market Forecast to 2020 - Growing Construction Activities and Demand for Real Estate to Shape Future Potential

Philippines Excavator Market Forecast to 2020 - Growing Construction Activities and Demand for Real Estate to Shape Future Potential

  • July 2016 •
  • 95 pages •
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Executive Summary
The report titled “Philippines Excavator Market Forecast to 2020 - Growing Construction Activities and Demand for Real Estate to Shape Future Potential” provides a comprehensive analysis of excavator market in the Philippines. The report covers various aspects such as value chain analysis, comparative analysis of the Philippines excavator sales market with China excavator sales market, overall size of excavator sales and rental market in the Philippines, segmentation on the basis of sales and rental revenues, demand from major cities, demand based on engine rated power and movement type.

The report also covers snapshot of the Philippines rental excavator market covering landscape of rental excavator market, working of contract agreement, pricing analysis and future outlook and decision making process to buy or rent in the Philippines excavator market. Going further the report covers growth drivers, issues and challenges faced by excavator market in the Philippines, strengths and weaknesses of major players, their market share by revenue and their competitive landscape. The report concludes with future projections and analyst recommendations and highlights the macroeconomic factors affecting the excavator market in the Philippines. The report is useful for new players entering in the Philippines market, infrastructure and real estate firms who wish to rent or buy excavators and existing player who are in plans to expand or improve their services.

Philippines Excavator Market

The excavator market in Philippines has witnessed overall high growth from 2010 to 2015, however year 2014 witnessed the decline. Excavator use is observed to be low in the Philippines compared to many developing economies and market is undergoing development phase. Entire sales market was dominated by approximately ten players with major revenue share of ~% held by two players in 2015. Entire Philippines excavator market is valued at USD ~ million recording a CAGR of ~% in 2010-2015. Major problem associated with excavator market in the Philippines is absence of any local player or domestic manufacturing unit. Dependence on import exposes the industry to external factors which may affect availability and prices in case of external shock.

Construction and mining sector are major consumers of excavators and any positive development in these sectors directly promotes the rental and sales of excavators. In recent decade, the government of the Philippines launched various projects to improve the neglected infrastructure sector and to ensure that its economy continues to grow. The initiative marked the importance as it was necessary to promote country’s growing services and manufacturing sector, which are major consumers of real estate and infrastructure facilities.

Market size by volume for new excavator sales in the Philippines was nearly ~ units in 2015, accounting for revenue of approximately USD ~ million. Rental excavator market in the Philippines had witnessed presence of few large players and many small players. Most of major companies who use excavators in their portfolio have their head offices in Manila. These companies place their order through exclusive dealer of Manila branches accounting for maximum of sales from Manila constituting nearly ~% of total excavator sales in the Philippines.
Decision to rent a machine is primarily driven by availability and rental terms and conditions including rent. On the basis of operating power, Excavators with engine rated power in range of 75-150 hp have been recorded to hold the highest market share of ~%, by value in 2015.

Small excavator was in less demand because of higher price compared to their lifting capacity. Among crawler type excavator and wheel-based excavator, crawler type excavators are mostly used in the Philippines market. The segment accounted for ~% of total sales in 2015, which was very higher when compared to global sale of excavator.

Future Outlook

With rising demand for better infrastructure facilities, increased urbanization, rise of middle class and growth in services and manufacturing creating demand for real estate are the major factors driving the sale and rental of construction machinery including excavator market. These factors are expected to have positive growth in future and it has been anticipated that the market will grow at a CAGR of ~% during 2016 to 2020 to reach at USD ~ million in 2020. Rental excavator market is expected to grow at much higher rate compared to growth in sales in 2016-2020. There will also be increase in share of rental revenue in overall revenue from excavator market.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:
Philippines Excavator Market size by Revenue, and Sales Volume
Philippines Excavator Market Segmentation by Type of Excavator, Revenues from Rental and Sales, Major Provinces, and by Different hp
Introduction and Size for Rental Excavator Market in Philippines,
How the contract agreement works in Rental of Philippines Excavator Market and future outlook?
Pricing Analysis for Rental and Sales of Excavators in Philippines
Decision Making Process for Purchasing and Renting Excavator in the Philippines
Market Share of Major Players in the Philippines Excavators Market by Sales Revenue and Number of Units sold
Strengths and Weaknesses of Major Players in the Philippines Excavator Market
Growth Drivers and Trends in the Philippines Excavator Market
Issues and Challenges in the Philippines Excavator Market.
Competitive Landscape of Major Players in the Philippines Excavators Market
Analyst recommendation
Philippines Excavator Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2016-2020
Macroeconomic Factors affecting Philippines Excavator Market