Intramuscular Drug Delivery Market & Pipeline Insight

Intramuscular Drug Delivery Market & Pipeline Insight

  • January 2015 •
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The research and development of intramuscular drug delivery has gained significant momentum in pharmaceutical industry during past several decades. The high safety and efficacy profiles and familiarity are the most important factor for large investments in this segment. Owing to large past experience and their usage in public programs they have wide acceptance among patients due which their market is expected to be safe for investments. Pharmaceutical companies focused their efforts to churn the market by investing more funds in research and development activities. As a result, newer therapeutics are entering in global market and others are at various phases of clinical trials which are expected to enter in market in near future.

Intramuscular drug delivery market contains therapeutics belonging to different disease indication, mechanism of action and drug delivery devices. The higher sales will depend upon efficacy of newly developed intramuscular drug and marketing strategy to drive its sales. They are used for first-line therapy which they are expected to remain due to their proven pharmacological performance. The large number of patient population is expected to help the pharmaceutical companies in investigating innovative drugs during clinical trials but their market introduction will take some time before gaining success in global market.

Novel technologies are required to develop intramuscular drug delivery including both drug molecule and delivery devices. In addition to these features, new principles have to be found in coming years because most of the presently available intramuscular drug delivery systems are based on old foundations. These factors may work for many disease indications without change for several years but in case of infectious disease, oncology and autoimmune diseases novelty is required. Change in scenario is expected to have multiple effects on drug discovery and development technology along with decreasing the mortality rates. Despite variety in formulations and disease indication, stagnancy will cause severe damage to progress of global intramuscular drug delivery market.

Intramuscular drug delivery methods using molecular structures and polymers are expected to gain momentum in coming years. More structural, physical and biochemical improvements have to take place to increase their marketing potential. Underlying principles behind these materials are being discovered to increase their pharmacological benefits for future usage. Gels are another material required for future development better and efficient delivery of intramuscular drug to the patients. The capabilities of sustained release have been found to be associated with these materials which are expected to make sustainable market place in near future.Researchers are developing new materials with better biodegradability and sustained release capabilities for providing efficient intramuscular drug delivery.

With the recent technological advances, it is expected that newer methods for intramuscular drug delivery will be developed and commercialized in coming years. Market size of these materials and methods is modest which is expected to steady growth but before doing so they have to improve a lot before becoming marketable. Many novel intramuscular drugs are at various phases of clinical trials which are expected to be available after some time.Pharmaceutical companies have already identified the opportunities involved in the development of intramuscular drugs and many of them are at advanced phases of clinical trials.They are supposed to be cost effective along with pharmacologically efficient and minimized side effects.

“Intramuscular Drug Delivery Market & Pipeline Insight” Report Findings:
Intramuscular Drug Delivery Mechanism
Global Intramuscular Drug Delivery Market Outlook
Intramuscular Drug Pipeline by Company, Country, Indication & Phase
Intramuscular Drug Pipeline: 364 Drugs
Marketed Intramuscular Drugs: 186 Drugs
Majority Drugs in Phase-I Trials:108
Global Intramuscular Drug Delivery Market Future Prospects