Global Metal Working Fluids Market Forecast 2017-2023

Global Metal Working Fluids Market Forecast 2017-2023

  • January 2017 •
  • 169 pages •
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Metal working fluids are oils with high viscosity, primarily used for lubrication and cooling of the metal work sections. The metal work sections when are processed to carry out functions like grinding, milling, machining and other such functions, friction and heat is produced between the work piece and cutting tool. Metal working fluids aids reduction of the heat and friction by lubricating the metals for smooth functioning as well as reducing burning and smoking. They also improvise the surface finish and add to the life of the tools, these two factors are considered favorable for the growth of the Metal working fluids market.

The Metal working fluids market in 2014 was estimated to be USD 8.30 Billion and is projected to grow at a CAGR 3.2%during the forecast period of 2017-2024. Metal working fluids have high stability for both high and low extreme temperatures as well as chemical resistance which is an essential requirement in the growing automotive industry thus rapidly driving the market.
Metal working fluids market is segmented on the basis of geography, product type and application. The segmentation by product type is on the basis of removal fluids, forming fluids, protecting fluids and treating fluids. The classification of the application is on basis of transportation equipment, machinery, fabricated metal products, primary metals and metal cans and others.

The Metal working fluids market is primarily driven with the growth in automotive industry. High production rate, less downtime and enhancement of tool life are the key factor driving the Metal working fluids market.
There is a demand for a multipurpose working fluid which protects the tools while resulting in higher rate of production. The original equipment manufacturers are using gallium, titanium and palladium for diverse manufacturing processes. This invention would produce more demand for Metal working fluid that can be compatible with various metals. High performance Metal fluid working that can be used for superior high pressure fluid system effective for efficient functioning is demanded by the Aerospace industry.
The global economic crisis was a huge setback for the Metal working fluid industry and automotive industry. Te recent rebound of the automotive industry led to an upswing to the demand of Metal working fluids on the global front. The factors that act as restraints to the Metal working fluid market are high vulnerability to microbial attack and regulatory use of anti-microbial chemicals for protection are major market restraints for Metal working fluid.

Market regions that are covered in the report are Asia pacific, North America, Europe and Rest of the world. North America Metal working fluids Market is poised to witness significant upraise with high consumption in Automobile industry. Asia pacific Metal working fluids market is expected to grow with establishment of automotive industries in developing economies. The growing demand for robust automobile manufacturing base with growing demand in regions of Europe is expected to inflate the Metal working fluids market in Europe.

Metal working fluids is a highly competitive and disintegrated market. The major market players for Metal working fluids market are BP plc, Idemitsu Kosan, Quaker Chemicals, Yushiro, Exxon Mobile, Fuchs Petrolub, Houghton International, Chevron, Lukoil and Lubrizol.