Power Retail Tariff and Reliability Benchmark in Southeast Asia, 2010–2016

Power Retail Tariff and Reliability Benchmark in Southeast Asia, 2010–2016

  • December 2016
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State-owned Retailers Show Supply Reliability Improvements with Increasing Tariff

ASEAN has a diverse electricity supply market structure with varied levels of de-regulation, tariff, subsidies, and tariff structure. A few countries have de-regulated wholesale power markets without fuel subsidies and others have a single-buyer wholesale market with high fuel subsidies.

In recent years, there has been consistent investment in grid infrastructure to provide reliable power supply to consumers, with Singapore holding the highest reliability level. Retail competition has been introduced for certain power consumers in Singapore and the Philippines, whereas other countries have government-influenced monopoly suppliers and fixed tariffs. Singapore and the Philippines have the highest power tariffs, with domestic consumers in Peninsular Malaysia enjoying the lowest tariff.
1.Power Retail Tariff and Reliability Benchmark in Southeast Asia, 2010-2016
Executive Summary
Key Findings

Overview of ASEAN
Macroeconomic Indicators
Electricity Supply Industry
ASEAN Electricity Supply Industry Structure
Electricity Supply Industry Structure

Current Tariff
Impact on Key Customer Segments
Electricity Tariff
Electricity Consumption

Historical Tariff
Tariff Components
Average Tariff
Electricity Consumption
Historical Reliability
Reliability Measured as SAIDI
Reliability Measured as Energy Not Supplied
Tariff versus Quality of Supply
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