Patient Monitoring Markets for Wireless Skin Patches

Patient Monitoring Markets for Wireless Skin Patches

  • March 2017 •
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Wide Area Ambulatory Patient Monitors
In today’s connected world, there is a growing need for remote medical care services and wireless fitness monitoring capabilities. The latest advances in smartphones and wired and wireless communication technologies are making this connectivity possible. For patients, linking selfmonitoring devices to caregivers can provide many significant benefits. This approach increases proactive self-management and enhances communication with physicians and other healthcare providers for improved outcomes and better quality of life.

Improved communication with patients means physicians can track compliance with instructions more meaningfully, versus use of patient-generated and usually incomplete paper calendars. Access to fundamental real-time clinical information leads to more timely and useful interventions between office visits.

Tailored Research
As technology and products evolve, the level of precision in management decisions required to enable effective company performance is increasing. Such precision cannot be achieved without timely and accurate data about the company's macroscopic operating environment.

The information that you and your management team require to execute your business and market strategies is unique to your organization and business model. This is why - in addition to the multi-client reports you will find on our site - we offer client-specific research services that start with customer-defined needs and culminate in assessments and analysis that answer the questions that represent risk to your business strategy. To discuss Greystone's Customer Defined Research services, we invite you to contact us.

Market-driven Product Strategies
A longer life span is expected to translate to a growing number of patients diagnosed with chronic conditions. To counteract the financial and medical infrastructure implications of this trend, pressure from the public sector and managed care organizations will place a premium on ease-of-use and mobility, expectations that is creating an increased interest in wirelessly enabled patient monitoring devices. Medical product company decision makers have come to the realization that to gain patient acceptance future generations of patient monitors must blend seamlessly with modern lifestyles.

‘Wearable devices can include many combinations of biometric and physiological sensors depending upon the data that they are designed to collect. These data can include distance walked, calories burned, heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen level, sleep quality, perspiration, pressure and other data. The specifics of what is being measured drive the selection of components, signal conditioning components and connectivity chips that are used in a wearable device.'

What You Will Learn
- What are the patch products with wireless capabilities that are designed to monitor patient physiological characteristics? Who markets them? What are their design features?
- What are the market segments and demand drivers for wireless patch-type patient monitors?
- What are the important material selection issues, technologies and market development issues for wireless patch patient monitors?
- What does the wireless patch patient monitor market look like today, and what it will look like in 2022?
- Who are the market sector participants, their product development activities, business strategies, and corporate alliances and affiliations?
- What is the importance of technology alliances and design partnerships on wireless patch commercialization and market access?

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