Game-changing Strategies of Leading US Pharma Companies

Game-changing Strategies of Leading US Pharma Companies

  • March 2017 •
  • 68 pages •
  • Report ID: 4833519 •
  • Format: PDF
Focus on Beyond the Pill Services, Process Automation, and Patient Engagement across the Value Chain to Drive Growth

The research service primarily focuses on the changing trends in the pharmaceutical industry with respect to drug research and development, manufacturing, supply chain, and marketing. The study provides key insights into the transforming pharmaceutical value chain, with the adoption of technology and shift towards digitalization of key processes across drug development and manufacturing as well as supply chain and logistics.

It also analyzes the dynamics catalyzing growth, profiles organizations promising significant growth opportunities, and outlines innovative industry trends of key participants who play a vital role in the pharmaceutical landscape. Furthermore, the research also highlights the adoption of newer business models by the game-changing companies to adapt to the changing trend of a value-based care model as opposed to the traditional volume-based model.

Key Target Audience:
• Small to mid-sized pharma and biotech companies which need to benchmark their capabilities with respect to the game-changing companies
• Big pharma companies interested in gaining an understanding of the competitive landscape with respect to strategic growth levers

Research Scope:
The research service covers the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in the United States (US), based on their industry position. The companies included in the study are Pfizer, Gilead, Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co., and Amgen.

These companies are benchmarked across 5 key growth levers:
• Core areas of focus
• Digital footprint
• Value chain excellence
• Strategic collaborations and partnerships, and
• Beyond the pill services and solutions

The benchmarking across these strategic growth levers would provide insights into their positioning with respect to the changing market landscape as well as measures taken by these companies to align themselves with these changing market needs. Furthermore, there are additional highlights provided on the companies being profiled.

Highlights of the company profiles include:
• Company snapshot
• Performance analysis (market revenue forecast)
• Portfolio analysis
• Key marketed products and patent expiry
• SWOT analysis
• Strategic analysis of growth levers

Key Questions this Study will Answer:
• What are the key therapeutic focus areas for the leading pharmaceutical companies in the US?
• What are the major growth levers affecting the growth trajectory of pharma companies in the US?
• In what ways are these growth levers impacting the company profitability?
• Which are the major game-changing companies in the US?
• What are the strategies adopted by these companies to meet the changing market needs?
• How are the companies performing across these strategic growth levers?