North American Mobile Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems Market, Forecast to 2021

North American Mobile Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems Market, Forecast to 2021

  • March 2017 •
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Growth Driven by Power, Petrochemical, and Chemical Industries

The North American market for mobile water and wastewater treatment systems serves a critical purpose in keeping facilities running and responding to fluctuating capacity needs for numerous industries. Critical industries including power, petrochemical, and chemical rely on mobile treatment services to ensure smooth operations and regulatory compliance. An understanding of key market and technology trends, customer and regional demand, and revenue forecasts are needed to devise an intelligent growth strategy.

While the market is led by core participants, there is scope for growth at all levels to secure growth. The market traditionally focuses on industrial applications rather than municipal. Industrial verticals are more likely to address sudden or seasonal capacity need fluctuations, unlike municipal facilities that look at long-term investment strategies for major infrastructure components. Some recent developments, however, have seen growth opportunities in providing potable water for small communities.

Customers are buying a range of technology solutions including resin and membrane solutions for potable and process water treatment, while wastewater needs are being met with physiochemical and membrane solutions. Fluctuations at the customer level, however, do not carry over to the competitor landscape, which is characterized by a core group of leading participants and numerous regional and niche competitors. Market leaders benefit from their extensive network of mobile units and geographic coverage. All companies seek a competitive edge on pricing, response time, and technology portfolio.

This study analyzes the North American mobile water and wastewater treatment systems market from 2013 to 2021. The research scope includes:
• Municipal and industrial customers
• Water treatment (membrane technologies, resin systems, and other systems) and wastewater treatment technologies
• Breakdowns by country (Canada and the United States)
• Market drivers and restraints for the 2017–2021 forecast period
• A competitive landscape analysis

Key questions this study will address:
• How is the market performing, and what are its prospects?
• What is driving and restraining the market, and what are the key challenges for the market going forward?
• What is the market structure with respect to technology, end user, and type of service?
• In what ways is the market evolving?
• How does the market differ by country and regionally?
• What is the competitive environment? Who are the main participants, and how have they achieved their positions?