Global Digital Tools in Wound Assessment and Management, 2016

Global Digital Tools in Wound Assessment and Management, 2016

  • March 2017 •
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Digital Technologies Assisting Clinicians in Wound Assessment, Monitoring, and Management

Wound assessment and monitoring systems are devices or digital aids that enable the measurement, imaging, and documentation of wounds by providing 3D assessment of a wound with EMR software integration. With inadequate wound care resulting in various debilitating healthcare-associated infections and adding to the cost burden of patients, modern digital tools are taking the guesswork out of wound care. Technologies like telehealth, smartphones, and now digital tools and aids for wound care and management are changing how hospitals carry out their daily workflows or how patients are being treated or receive care, with the ultimate goal of reducing hospital re-admissions and positive clinical outcomes.

The inconsistent wound care outcomes have compelled the industry to deliver clinical and economic evidence, and improved care coordination through digital tools / guidelines for effective decision-making, acting as major growth opportunities that will boost the wound assessment and monitoring market growth. The digital age is fast becoming the go-to strategy for wound assessment and management, where doctors are able to let go of the tedious task of switching up treatments (sometimes, for years) for wounds with no improvements. Excellent efforts are underway to advance wound care by replacing rulers and swabs with smartphones and iPads.

Innovation opportunities are present across the entire wound care and management continuum, right from prevention and diagnosis / detection solutions, to treatment and data-driven care co-ordination tools.

Research Scope:
- This study includes a detailed description of modern digital tools and devices used for wound assessment and monitoring.
- The study also consists of detailed analysis of the current challenges and unmet needs in wound management, advances in wound management, in-depth description of the various innovative companies in the wound care data / heath information and early detection space as well as companies in the wound care planning, monitoring, and management space, and analysis of the key product features of each of these companies.
- The study concludes with key conclusions in this growing market.

Key Questions This Study will Answer:
1. What are the challenges and unmet needs in the wound care industry?
2. How are the digital technologies assisting clinicians and hospitals in proper wound care and management?
3. Where are the innovation opportunities and advances in wound management?
4. Which are the current companies in the wound assessment and management space and what are their solutions?
5. What key product features should be present in a digital wound assessment tool or solution for efficient functioning and outcomes?