Continuous Assessment of the Molecular Diagnostic Market for EGFR Tests in Spain, 2016

Continuous Assessment of the Molecular Diagnostic Market for EGFR Tests in Spain, 2016

  • February 2017 •
  • Report ID: 4913293 •
  • Format: PDF

Update of the 2009 started Continuous Assessment of molecular diagnostics from the end user perspective. Hospital and private laboratories have systematically been surveyed to collect information on number of labs testing, NA tests, test volumes, used platforms (separated for amplification, hybridization, detection) and reagents.

For data reliability and accurate projections at segment level a 3 step methodology has been applied:
Step 1: Identification of the total number of labs Step 2: Identification of the total number of laboratories using NA technologies (in several lab units per hospital)
Step 3: Interviews with NA laboratories on NA test volume, kits, platforms and trends. A list of 39 NA tests has been provided to the labs for structured data entry.

The report covers key platforms of molecular diagnostics, including Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Real Time PCR (RT-PCR), Traditional and Next Generation Sequencing, TMA, LCR, NASBA, SDA, HCA, bDNA.

Executive Summary
dii is an international market research company entirely specialised in healthcare markets providing market information and support to strategic business decisions. In cooperation with key industry we have desigend the Continuous Molecular Market Assessment which has been realized in 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2016 with the 2 main objectives:
1) Assess market size and shares for molecular diagnostics (# of labs using which technology, test volumes, platforms and reagents)
2) Understand long term trends and needs

Format of deliverables
Excel - detailed data reports with extrapolation of # of labs, test volumes, market shares for platforms and reagents per country & test