Global High Temperature Elastomers Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2022 - Industry Insights by Type, by Application

Global High Temperature Elastomers Market Size, Share, Development, Growth and Demand Forecast to 2022 - Industry Insights by Type, by Application

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Market Overview

High Temperature Elastomers are special type of polymers having high elasticity index with the ability to regain their original shape after being subjected to external or internal stress. Elastomers possess both thermosetting and thermoplastic characteristics. High temperature elastomers can withstand extreme temperature for a prolonged period of time, generally above 1500 degree Celsius. The global high temperature elastomers market finds applications in under-the-hood, automobile industries, progressive cavity pumps (PCP), oil and gas sector, sterilization of medicines. The high temperature elastomers are chemically inactive, making them anti-corrosive and resistant to other chemicals.

High Temperature Elastomers Market

High temperature elastomers can be categorized into fluorocarbon elastomers, perfluorocarbon elastomers, silicone elastomers, fluorosilicone elastomers and others. High temperature elastomers find applications in various industries including automobile, transportation, oil and gas, aerospace, electrical and electronics and healthcare. In the transportation industry, they are predominately used for the manufacturing process of specialty rubber, tires, seat covers and other materials. Additionally, high temperature elastomers are used as additives in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing of industrial machinery, electronics and consumer goods.

Market Dynamics

The global high temperature elastomers market is expected to witness a significant growth during the forecast period (2016-2022). The global high temperature elastomers market is driven by growing demand from automotive industry and stringent environmental regulations. Based on type, silicone elastomers are expected to be the largest growing segment during the forecast period. Perfluorocarbon elastomers is expected to be the fastest growing segment during the forecast period. By application, automobile and transportation is expected to be the largest and fastest growing segment in terms of value and volume during the forecast period.


The key trend observed in the high temperature elastomers market is the increasing investment in smart materials and increasing inclination towards usage of biomaterials. Growing application of high temperature elastomers in various industries such as electrical and electronics, industrial machinery and healthcare had resulted in the continuous increase in demand for new grade of elastomers. Various research and technological advancement are being carried out to develop elastomers with enhanced performance qualities for various requirements including sealing, flexibility, durability or reliability.

Elastomers manufacturers require polymers with advanced and unique properties for specialty applications such as improved control of molecular structure, copolymerization and formulation of existing polymer types. The manufacturers use new polymerization techniques and catalysts to control tacticity, comonomer composition, molar mass and molar mass distribution. Enhanced elastomeric properties and energy damping are prime areas of new developments. Additionally, demand for resistant elastomers is growing on the back of positive growth in demand for chemical resistance, thermal resistance, radiation resistance, wear/abrasion resistance and weathering resistance. Additionally, new plant breeds or genetic modification is expected to yield rubber with enhanced properties of greater initial purity thereby, increasing the awareness towards usage of biomaterials. Thereby, increasing the demand for global market of high temperature elastomers.

Growth Drivers

Increasing use of high temperature elastomers in automotive industry and other applications drive the market for high temperature elastomers market. With the increase in disposable income of individuals, the automotive sector is experiencing a substantial growth rate. The rapidly growing automotive industry especially in emerging economies of Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America is generating significant demand for high temperature elastomers. High temperature elastomers have various applications in the automotive industry and is used for manufacturing hoses, dampers, seals, boots and gaskets for its combination of durable flexibility and resistance to heat and automotive lubricants.

Among the various types, the perfluorocarbon elastomers segment is expected to witness the highest growth both in terms of value and volume during the forecast period. Based on applications, the automobile and transportation was the largest segment in 2015. The market for high temperature elastomers is expected to retain its dominance during the forecast period. Asia-Pacific held the largest share in the global high temperature elastomers market in 2015, followed by North America and Europe. The growth of the Asia-Pacific high temperature elastomers market is driven by presence of various end-use industries, increase in construction activities and rapid economic growth. Additionally, the growing economies of China and India are expected to further drive the growth of the Asia-Pacific market, due to the increasing industrial base in these countries. Middle East and Africa (MEA) is expected to witness parallel growth similar to other regions, especially in the growing economies including Brazil, South Africa and GCC countries.


The high cost of high temperature elastomers continues to be the most predominant restraint thereby, hindering the growth of the market; however, the manufacturers across the globe are continuously seeking to develop and design alternative ways to synthesize such elastomers, thus creating ample growth opportunities for the global high temperature elastomers market.

Competitive Landscape

Some of the major competitors in the global high temperature elastomers market include The Dow Chemical Company, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Solvay S.A., Momentive Performance Materials Inc., Wacker Chemie AG, 3M Company, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Bluestar Silicones, RTP Company and Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd.

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