Cloud Technologies Enabling Customer Experience in the Asia-Pacific Telecommunications Sector, 2017

Cloud Technologies Enabling Customer Experience in the Asia-Pacific Telecommunications Sector, 2017

  • July 2017 •
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Analytics to Emerge as a Major Shaping Force Transforming Customer Experience in the Telco Sector

In light of increasing competition from Over-the-Top (OTT) vendors, customer experience has become the most important factor in decision making for Communication Services Providers (CSPs) to remain customer centric. Additionally, with rising cost pressures, many CSPs are turning to alternative means for call routing and customer support.

At the same time, Big Data analytics and cognitive intelligence are the emerging technological trends shaping customer experience in the telco sector as well. The rise of Big Data is driving new technologies to capture and analyze large data volumes with advanced data visualization and analytics capabilities. Included in customer experience analytics are the abilities to synthesize operational, usage, and revenue data, to develop customer profiles that can be deployed to enhance the Quality of Experience (QoE), reduce churn, and drive marketing initiatives, among others.

Meanwhile, the growth of cognitive intelligence has massive implications for use in offering personalized customer support real-time, for instance, in the areas of campaign management. With improvements in conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), another key use case of cognitive intelligence is also in virtual assistants, for effective routing and customer support.

Cloud computing will increasingly serve as the enablement of customer experience, by providing a platform for the collation of customer interaction data to enable a unified 360 view of the customer. Many operators are also utilizing cloud computing to tap into the benefits that a cloud model provides (e.g., on-demand scalability, lowering of IT infrastructure and maintenance costs)

While traditional OSS/BSS vendors (e.g., AsiaInfo, Ericcson, Amdocs, Oracle) are still major market participants in the OSS/BSS suite, Born in the Cloud (BiTC) companies (e.g., Salesforce) are emerging to be key contenders in the customer experience solutions space targeted at telco companies. These BiTC companies are paving the way in introducing innovations in customer experience solutions (e.g., AI-enabled customer relationship management solutions), among others.

How can CSPs create new or additional monetization opportunities, given the movement toward the exponential growth of Big Data analytics, rise of cognitive intelligence, and increasing adoption of cloud platforms for OSS/BSS solutions? At the same time, what are some other key growth opportunities that CSPs can create, amid the increasing competition posed by OTT vendors and the changing landscape of the traditional OSS/BSS environment?

Some Key Questions This Study Will Answer:
• Where are the key spending focus areas for Customer Experience in the APAC telco sector?
• In which geographies is growth concentrated in for customer experience investments in the APAC telco sector?
• What are the key trends shaping customer experience in the APAC telco sector?
• What is the competitive ecosystem and which are the key participants?
• What are the future growth opportunities and how should telcos take action?