Global Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Technologies and Market Forecast to 2025

Global Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Technologies and Market Forecast to 2025

  • July 2017 •
  • 142 pages •
  • Report ID: 5088422
Directed Energy Weapons are attracting ever increasing RandD funds and there is no military organization and branch that’s not looking into ways to integrate them into their arsenal. Consequently, we estimate the Global Directed Energy Weapons market will be valued at about $1.67 billion in 2017.

This new, multi-scenario forecast examines, analyzes and predicts the evolution of Directed Energy Weapon technologies, markets and outlays (expenditures) over the next eight years 2017-2025.


The report examines regional aspects of these markets, focusing on the top 95% by value, in the United States, Europe and Asia.


By Addressed Technologies

This report addresses the following broad based technologies:

  • High Energy Laser Weapons

  • High Power Microwave Weapons

  • Particle Beam Weapons

By End-Users

  • Ship Based Directed Energy Weapons    

  • Airborne Directed Energy Weapons    

  • Land Based Directed Energy Weapons

By Geography

  • North America    

  • Europe

  • Asia    

  • Middle East  

The report also includes a detailed company overview of the 12 leading companies active in Directed Energy Weapons:

Airbus, Boeing, IAI, Lockheed Martin, Leonardo, MBDA, Northrop Grumman, Rafael, Raytheon, Rheinmetall, Saab and Thales.

Who is This Report For? 

This report is a must, particularly if you are one of the following:

  • Business Leaders and Business Developers

  • Defense Primes

  • Electrical Component Manufacturers

  • Software Developers

  • Government Policy Setters


The report also analyses and forecasts, amongst others, these issues related to the Global Directed Energy Weapons Market :

  • Changes In Procurement Patter of Militaries Globally

  • PEST and SWOT Analysis

  • Industry Analysis and Market Analysis

  • Major R and D Activities

  • Leading Companies In This Industry

Furthermore, the report examines global regulatory and political trends that are led by international military organizations like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)  and the strong influence these policies are having on these markets and technologies