Regenerative Medicine Landscape

Regenerative Medicine Landscape

  • August 2017 •
  • Report ID: 5168622
The competitive landscape for regenerative medicine continues to evolve. As private sector investment in active players continues, efforts by governments in the US and EU are helping to advance the field, including the recent passage of the 21st Century Cures Act in the US, providing a special status pathway for regenerative medicine advanced therapies. 

Over the past five years, deal-making has occurred at a rapid pace, and regenerative medicine-focused biotech companies have drawn top dollar in both partnering and mergers and acquisitions.

The regenerative medicine market is undergoing many changes, and involves several modalities, from cell and gene therapies, to gene editing technologies, and tissue regeneration products. 

Devices, including tissue engineering products, currently dominate the marketed regenerative medicine portfolio, but this is expected to change as the pipeline for pharmaceuticals, namely cell and gene therapies, numbers in the thousands and includes a strong Phase II program as well as many novel candidates awaiting approval.

For the purposes of this report, the regenerative medicine market is broadly divided into device and therapy categories in the Key Company Players in Regenerative Medicine, Regenerative Medicine Approved Product Trends, and Regenerative Medicine Pipeline Trends chapters, followed by further market segmentation. 

The regenerative medicine device category includes biologic bone regenerative and repair devices, biologic soft tissue regeneration and repair devices, musculoskeletal scaffolds, and other tissue engineering products. The regenerative medicine therapy category covers cell therapies, gene therapies, and gene editing.