European Market Report Suite for Patient Monitoring Equipment 2016 - MedSuite

European Market Report Suite for Patient Monitoring Equipment 2016 - MedSuite

  • June 2016 •
  • 687 pages •
  • Report ID: 5304022 •
  • Format: PDF
The patient monitoring device and equipment market includes devices that are designed to measure and observe changes in vital signs, or the neurological, hemodynamic and cardiac functions of a patient. The devices exist within almost all areas of hospitals and alternate care sites, and are also used in patient homes.

Patient monitoring devices are also used for diagnosing patients with certain health complications, providing alerts and tracking treatments. They are aimed at effectively, accurately and quickly obtaining readings that allow health care professionals to make appropriate decisions for patient care. In many cases, patient monitoring devices play a key role in influencing treatments and patient outcomes.

The most notable patient monitoring devices include multi-parameter monitoring and pulse oximetry devices. These devices are essential to surgeries for monitoring vital parameters of the heart, blood and lungs. Healthcare professionals require information on patients’ vital signs in order to detect major complications and intervene in time.

As the patient monitoring device and equipment market evolves to become more efficient, less costly and more comfortable for patients and healthcare professionals alike, a shift from old equipment and technologies to new technologies is essential. Moreover, as patients are shifted out of hospitals and into alternate care sites to save costs, patient monitoring devices will accompany them.

The full report suite on the European market for patient monitoring includes multi-parameter patient monitoring devices, wireless ambulatory telemetry monitors, cardiac output monitors and consumables, electromyogram devices and consumables, electroencephalogram monitors and consumables, fetal and neonatal monitors, pulse oximetry monitors and consumables as well as telehealth solutions