UAE Logistics Market-Growth Insights and Forecast to 2023

UAE Logistics Market-Growth Insights and Forecast to 2023

  • January 2018 •
  • 68 pages •
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Rapidly Evolving Technologies and Innovations are Likely to Open Up Business Opportunities in Fleet Modernization, Warehousing, and Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Government investment plans and infrastructure development initiatives are expected to support economic growth in the UAE. Despite uncertain regional economic conditions and low oil prices, UAE has managed to dampen the effects of such uncertainties with the help of economic diversification initiatives undertaken by the government.

Logistics infrastructure is increasingly becoming important due to UAE’s emergence as a transshipment hub for Europe-Asia trade. Investments are being made in infrastructure development which is expected to strengthen the competitiveness of the logistics market. Investments related to EXPO 2020 would attract foreign investments and further improve the investment climate in the country.

In order to handle the increasing demand for logistics services, several initiatives have been undertaken to develop Logistics parks, Free Trade Zones near airports and seaports. Airport and sea port modernization are being undertaken with a view to automate the existing processes, one such example being virtual corridor in Dubai, which is an automated customs procedure connecting seaports, airports, and free zones on a single platform, enabling free movement of goods, and making the processes more efficient.

UAE is at the forefront of adopting new technologies. Warehouses are becoming automated with the aid of robotics and automation, and companies are experimenting on autonomous vehicles and drone deliveries for efficient and faster last mile deliveries.

Many tech-based start-ups are emerging with robust delivery solutions across various eCommerce logistics segments. These start-ups help eCommerce companies, as well as the traditional brick and mortar stores, deliver at low costs. Hyperloop, drones, autonomous vehicles, Block Chain, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence are expected to transform the logistics market during the forecast period.

Research Scope
The aim of this insight is to research and analyze the key developments and trends related to economy and trade and the freight transportation, logistics, and warehousing sectors in the UAE.

Key Features
• To provide an overview of the key factors driving economy and trade
• To analyze the role of the transport and logistics sector in driving the country’s economy
• To identify the initiatives undertaken by the government to improve efficiency and reduce logistics costs
• To furnish a detailed analysis on the advancement in digital technologies
• To provide an in-depth analysis of how the traditional value chain is transformed as a result of technology advancement, eCommerce growth, regulatory changes, and investment
• To identify the emerging opportunities as a result of economic and technology transformations and how they are expected to change the competitive environment