Bottled Water Global Market Report 2018

Bottled Water Global Market Report 2018

  • January 2018 •
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Bottled water companies are involved in purifying and bottling water, and then marketing and disributing it for commercial and personal use.

End users for bottled water group constitute both on-trade and off-trade consumption that include institutional and retail customers. Retail customer can purchase bottled water from different retail or food service formats. Institutional customers such as restaurants, offices and hotels purchase bottled water from wholesalers or distributors.

The Americas was in 2016 the largest region in terms of value, accounting for around 47% of global bottled water consumption. However, in terms of volume, it is the second largest region at 33% of the total. The region ranks first in terms of value and second in terms of volume due to the high average price per litre in the Americas as compared to other regions due to the high cost of production, high average price per litre and high consumption of premium bottled water.

Asia-Pacific was in 2016 the largest region in terms of volume with around 41% share of overall global bottled water consumption. In terms of value, it is the second largest region at 26%. The region ranks second in value as compared to volume due to the large population, low per capita income and low average price per litre of bottled water in the region.

Bottled water manufacturers are investing in innovative packaging of bottled water to strengthen their brand image and differentiation in the bottled water market. These innovative packaging include resealable and recyclable can packaging material, transparent sophisticated bottles, or inks and coatings applied on a can to enhance the customer experience through unique visual effects along with increasing shelf appeal. For instance, Evian, a renowned French mineral water brand, recently manufactured a slim, 330ml bottle with a transparent label allowing the customer to see the purity of the water.