Anti-Parkinson’s Drugs: Global Markets to 2022

Anti-Parkinson’s Drugs: Global Markets to 2022

  • March 2018 •
  • 172 pages •
  • Report ID: 5355998 •
  • Format: PDF
Report Scope :
This research report categorizes the anti-Parkinson’s drugs market by type. Product types include low dopaminergic, dopamine agonists, enzyme inhibitors and other anti-Parkinson’s medications.

Report Includes:
- 95 data tables
- An overview of the global market for anti-Parkinson’s drugs and their future demand
- Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2013-2017, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2022
- Analyses of the major factors and technological advances such as biomarkers, 3D printed drugs, mobile applications and wearable technologies in the monitoring and treatment of Parkinson’s disease
- Discussion of the major segments of the anti-Parkinson’s drugs, i.e., dopaminergic drugs, dopamine agonists, enzyme inhibitors and other anti-Parkinson’s medications
- Company profiles of the major players in the market, including AbbVie, Mylan Laboratories, Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Novartis

Global anti-Parkinson’s drugs market is currently in a very crucial phase of development. There is mounting pressure to enhance research technologies, improve quality of the drugs and satisfy patients as it is a serious disease prevalent in all countries. At the same time, emerging market growth, increasing awareness, rapid urbanization, rising ageing population, improving technology and growth in pharmaceutical industry is driving the demand for anti-Parkinson’s drugs.

The global market for anti-Parkinson’s drugs market reached a value of over REDACTED in 2017 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of REDACTED to nearly REDACTED by 2022.

The market for anti-Parkinson drugs is concentrated with a few large players dominating the market. Major players in the market are AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Zambon Pharmaceuticals and others.

Dopaminergics accounted for the largest share of the market for anti-Parkinson’s drugs market in 2017 at REDACTED. The highest growth is projected to come from other anti-Parkinson’s medications, whichis forecasted to grow at a CAGR of REDACTED. Major factors included economic growth, technological developments and high demand from patients suffering from the disease. Other medications include drugs used to relieve and improve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

North America is the largest market for anti- Parkinson’s drugs manufacturing, accounting for REDACTED of the global market. It was followed by Western Europe and Asia Pacific. Going forward, North America is expected to witness the fastest growth in the anti-Parkinson’s drugs market, estimated at grow at a CAGR of REDACTED, followed by Middle East, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of REDACTED.

The USA is the largest market in terms of value and in the anti-Parkinson’s drugs market. China andBrazil are forecasted to have the fastest growth, growing at a CAGR of REDACTED and REDACTED, respectively.

The market is challenged by restraints such as decline in patent expiration of drugs, high medication costs and lack of research and development projects.