Smart Pill Delivery, Monitoring, and Diagnostics: IoT enabled Medicine and 3D Printing enabled Drug Delivery 2018 - 2023

Smart Pill Delivery, Monitoring, and Diagnostics: IoT enabled Medicine and 3D Printing enabled Drug Delivery 2018 - 2023

  • April 2018 •
  • 212 pages •
  • Report ID: 5376472 •
  • Format: PDF
Medical Technology (MedTech) is poised to benefit greatly from the convergence of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies including machine-to-machine communications, smart micro or nano-sensors, and other IoT components. Smart pills represent a significant area for next generation MedTech diagnostic solutions in which ingestible tablets or capsules embedded with sensor, camera, tracker, or microchip are swallowed By a person for purposes of obtaining physiological status and activities.

Combined with IoT, smart pills allow for data capture and monitoring of the subject, regardless of their location. This has substantial implications for various remote healthcare applications including endoscopy, gastrointestinal monitoring, and other investigative procedures that would otherwise be more invasive, expensive, and time consuming for the patient. Coupled with next generation data analytics, healthcare practitioners may leverage these MedTech solutions to provide diagnostics to virtually anyone, anywhere on a substantially lower cost basis.

This report evaluates the technologies, companies, and solutions for smart pill delivery, monitoring, and diagnostics. The report assesses the impact of smart pills themselves as well as supporting technologies such as IoT, AI, and data analytics. This report also investigates the use of 3D printing for smart drug delivery, facilitating medicine dispersal on-demand. The report includes detailed forecasts from 2018 -2023 covering the market outlook and opportunities for smart pills globally and regionally.

Select Report Findings:
• The Smart pills market will reach $4.1B USD by 2023
• Capsule endoscopy will lead the smart pills technology market through 2023
• Targeted drug delivery will outperform other applications of smart pills through 2023
• Home healthcare segment will outperform hospitals and clinics in adoption of ingestible pills

Target Audience:
• Pharmaceutical companies
• Medical device manufacturers
• Medical research organizations
• IoT Service and Application Developers
• Hospital, Clinics, and Diagnostic Centers
• Medical Device and Equipment Providers
• Wireless Connectivity and Service Providers