FEW (Food, Energy and Water) Nexus

FEW (Food, Energy and Water) Nexus

  • May 2018 •
  • 58 pages •
  • Report ID: 5442672 •
  • Format: PDF
Technology Fusion Enables Efficient Solutions
With unprecedented increase in the global population, dependency on primary resources including water, food and energy also increases.This has resulted in the rapid dwindling of resources at a greater rate which cannot meet the increasing demands of the rising global population.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote sustainable technologies that stimulate the optimized utilization of water in order to increase the production of energy and food.

Thus, this Global research report is based on Water-Energy-Food Nexus which provides the ideal fusion of technologies and stakeholders involved, converging to provide sustainable solutions that can transform the utilization of primary resources in the future.The research report also focuses on the crucial relationship between water, energy and food and brings out the key developments and connection between water-energy, water-food and food-energy.

The report also deeply discusses about the technology convergence associated with water, food and energy and also discusses about the various tools to analyze the water, energy, and food nexus.

The report also provides more information on the key region wise future opportunities that can sustainably maintain the water , energy and food nexus and also provides more information the future technology roadmap which can enhance the nexus scenario.