Power Generaton: Top Five Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Power Generaton: Top Five Trends for 2019 and Beyond

  • August 2018 •
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Power Generaton: Top Five Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Power generation is experiencing a series of trends which will shape the market for decades to come. Coal is seemingly on a terminal decline, to be replaced by natural gas, and renewable energy is making substantial strides to become more commercially relevant.

Advances ensure new power sources are moving closer to becoming part of the mainstream, with problems such as using renewable energy on demand now being solved. Leading companies in power generation must stay ahead of the development curve in these areas - failure to do so will mean allowing rivals to gain crucial competitive advantages at a time of great change.

Key Highlights
- Most signs point towards natural gas continuing to become the dominant form of energy production in the near-future.
- New generations of renewable power generation technology are predicted to shake-up the energy mix of whole nations on a long-term basis.
- The development of lithium-ion battery arrays capable of filling in gaps in power supply, and molten salt power plants able to provide renewable energy on demand for hours at a time, reveals the commercial breakthrough moment is drawing near.

- Examines the sale of nuclear technology around the world
- Looks at the future of renewable technology
- Assesses the long-term future of coal fired power-stations
- Assesses the rise of natural gas as a power source
- Examines the commercial potential of new energy storage solutions

Reasons to buy
- Will energy storage solutions become commercially viable?
- Do coal-fired power plants have a future?
- Will natural gas dominate coal?
- How significant is the sale of cheap nuclear reactors?
- Will new generations of renewable energy technology achieve commercial relevancy?

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