Energy & Utilities Industry Almanac 2019: Energy & Utilities Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends and Leading Companies

Energy & Utilities Industry Almanac 2019: Energy & Utilities Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends and Leading Companies

  • November 2018 •
  • 687 pages •
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  • Format: PDF

Key Findings:
• Plunkett Research lists top 500 companies in the Energy industry and names the top trends changing for the mid term.

Key Features:
• Industry trends analysis, market data and competitive intelligence
• Market forecasts and Industry Statistics
• Industry Associations and Professional Societies List
• In-Depth Profiles of hundreds of leading companies
• Industry Glossary
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Pages: 689
Statistical Tables Provided: 44
Companies Profiled: 500
Geographic Focus: Global

A complete market research report, including forecasts and market estimates technologies analysis and developments at innovative firms. You will gain vital insights that can help you shape your own strategy for business development, product development and investments.
• How is the industry evolving?
• How is the industry being shaped by new technologies?
• How is demand growing in emerging markets and mature economies?
• What is the size of the market now and in the future?
• What are the financial results of the leading companies?
• What are the names and titles of top executives?
• What are the top companies and what are their revenues?

Contents, Statistics, Forecasts and Analysis Include:
Major Trends Affecting the Energy & Utilities Industry
1. Energy & Utilities Industry Introduction
2. A Brief History of Oil, Natural Gas and Electricity Production
3. Smart Electric Grid Technologies Are Adopted
4. The Energy Industry Invests in Storage Battery Technologies with an Eye on Distributed Power and Renewables
5. Superconductivity Provides Advanced Electricity Distribution Technology
6. Global Shale Oil and Gas Resources Revolutionize the Energy Industry
7. Oil from Shale Makes America Rank with Top Oil Producers/E&P Companies Reduce Drilling and Seek Lower Costs
8. LNG Projects Boom, Including Floating Plants (FLNG)/America Boosts LNG Exports
9. Seismic Mapping Gains from Advanced Technologies
10. Offshore Wells Around the World Become More Efficient/Production Increases Significantly
11. Energy Demand Climbs in India and China/Nuclear, Hydro and Gas Projects Grow, but Coal Remains Dominant
12. Canada’s Oil Sands Production Reaches 4.2 Million Barrels per Day, but Operating Costs Are High
13. Some Electric Utilities Regulations Are Rolled Back While Utilities Invest in Gas-Fired Plants

Energy & Utilities Industry Statistics

I. Overview of the Energy & Utilities Industry
1. Global Energy & Utilities Industry Statistics and Market Size Overview: 2016-2017

II. Electricity
1. Electricity Overview, U.S.: Selected Years, 1950-2017

III. Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy
1. Energy Production by Fossil Fuels & Nuclear Power, U.S.: Selected Years, 1950-2017
IV. Renewable Energy
1. Energy Production by Renewable Energy, U.S.: Selected Years, 1955-2017