Sump and Submersible Pumps: Global Markets to 2023

Sump and Submersible Pumps: Global Markets to 2023

  • February 2019 •
  • 251 pages •
  • Report ID: 5741974 •
  • Format: PDF
Report Scope:
This study reviews sump pump technology categories, along with relevant market and production information, technological descriptions and issues, applications, and market factors and potential and provides an overview of relevant incentives and regulations in major global markets. This study will be of interest to current and potential manufacturers and suppliers of residential, commercial, and industrial sump pumps, as well as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies interested in entering or expanding into the sump pump technology sector.

The market analysis provided in this report is based on a variety of data sources. These include the most recent government, industry, and corporate data on sump pump sales, production, imports, and exports; manufacturing and industrial productivity data used to help gauge historic and anticipated future market growth; data generated by recent and ongoing R&D efforts aimed at identifying new and developing niches for certain classes of sump pumps and potential for associated growth; and available corporate announcements for major large-quantity sump pump deliveries and sales.

Sump pump technology advances are characterized by incremental change, rather than industry-shaping leaps.Emerging sump pump technologies that may become commercially viable within the five-year forecast period are summarized but are not included in the market assessment of this report.

BCC Research analyzes each major viable sump pump technology, determines its current market status, examines its impact on future markets, and presents forecasts of growth over the five-year forecast period.Technological issues, including the latest trends, are assessed and discussed, as are current and likely regulatory environments that support this industry.

Sales of both new and replacement/retrofit sump pump systems are considered.

BCC Research has analyzed the sump pump industry on a global basis in terms of manufacturing and the deployment of technologies and products. BCC Research has also examined key market drivers and headwinds and their roles in driving or throttling the global sump pump market.

Report Includes:
- 72 data tables and 55 additional tables
- An overview of the global market for sump pump technologies
- Analyses of global market trends with data from 2017 to 2018, and projections of CAGRs through 2023
- Coverage of history and evolution of sump pump
- Discussion of residential, commercial and industrial applications of sump pump
- Detailed profiles of the major companies, including, AMT Pump Company (Gorman-Rupp), BJM Pumps, Eco-Flo Products/Ashland Pump Company, Liberty Pumps, Myers, Shanghai Shuangbao Machinery Co. and Xiamen Starflo Industry and Trade Co.

Sump and submersible pumps protect residences and commercial institutions from flooding and provide critical facility support during daily industrial operations ranging from water and stormwater management to management of key process fluids, chemicals and industrial slurries. Sump and submersible pumps are also critical elements in the wastewater management industry, where a local wastewater collection utility may rely on dozens of sump or submersible pumps to convey raw wastewater across its system, ultimately enabling centralized treatment.

Sump and submersible pumps function across these diverse markets, and trends for their demand are similarly driven by factors affecting these diverse markets. Today, global sump pump sales are being driven by a resurgence of industrial activity in the U.S. and much of Europe, new housing starts in these same areas, retrofit and upgrading of aging pump systems, and demand for higher-efficiency pump systems in select market segments. However, several key uncertainties have the potential to increase market volatility. These include shifting dynamics in several Asian countries with respect to industrial as well as commercial and residential demand. China in particular is in the process of transitioning its
economy from a focus on exports towards support for increased domestic demand. Similarly, other emerging Asian economies are just beginning to take off in terms of growth and development, promising to leap ahead in the near term. Finally, select technologies and applications within the overall sump and submersible pump market are poised for strong growth. In contrast, select traditional applications will continue to grow in the near term, but will underperform in comparison to hotter market segments.

Within this framework, BCC Research has completed this report, which investigates sump and submersible pump markets globally, with drill downs to major regional and select national markets.Breakdowns are provided by pump technology and by application.

Detailed technology breakdowns include systems applicable to residential and small commercial uses (with individual breakdowns for portable, submersible, pedestal, and battery backup systems), and to industrial and large commercial uses (with individual breakdowns for portable, submersible, vertical and cantilever, horizontal, and specialty/engineered systems). BCC Research has also included detailed market breakdowns by
application, including for groundwater management; wastewater and sewage; stormwater, wash water and other clear drainage applications; and industrial slurries and industrial process fluids.