Global Cardiovascular Digital Solutions Market-Companies to Action, 2019

Global Cardiovascular Digital Solutions Market-Companies to Action, 2019

  • April 2019 •
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Innovative Leaders are Transforming the Cardiovascular Patient Journey
Over the last few decades, modernization-driven lifestyle changes have had major implications on people’s health and well-being.Today, chronic health condition such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD) claim more lives than all forms of cancer combined, accounting for 31% of all deaths worldwide.

In the United States alone, 800,000 people succumbed to the disease in 2017—representing one out of every three deaths. Increasing comorbidity of CVD with other health complications and disease conditions necessitate multi-parameter monitoring beyond the ECG to make cardiac care more targeted and efficient.

As care for lifestyle-driven chronic diseases expands in scope, prevention and recovery are emerging as new focus areas beyond diagnosis and treatment.Changes in the healthcare landscape are shifting clinical diagnosis and treatment toward more patient-centric monitoring solutions.

The emergence of digital cardiac solutions such as cardiac remote patient monitoring devices (e.g., wearables and biosensor technologies) and cardiac informatics software and platforms are redefining the point of care from traditional hospitals or clinics to a patient’s home. Cardiac digital monitoring products and services will benefit from this paradigm shift in both point-of-care and ambulatory settings to promote preventive management of CVD and associated risk factors, particularly for older patients living with CVD.

The analyst notes that the cardiac digital vendor ecosystem is undergoing a transformation led by the digital convergence and shifting care delivery models to manage patients outside hospital walls in an effort to reduce the use of acute care services, control costs, and improve patient outcomes.Cardiac digital solutions that go beyond the device offering and provide patients and providers with data-driven, clinically meaningful and actionable intelligence will have a competitive advantage.

Leading vendors in the cardiac monitoring space will continue to expand and provide comprehensive portfolios encompassing product and service solutions and make the cardiovascular information system (CVIS) the single gateway to all cardiovascular clinical pathways and performance management.Cloud-based CVIS platforms that go beyond point systems/devices and seamlessly integrate with a hospital’s existing enterprise architecture to provide integrated pathway management across patient pathways are expected to see substantial growth in the coming years.

Complementing the existing cardiac data analytics layer with some artificial intelligence capabilities for clinical decision support will promote prevention and treatment of CVD to the much-anticipated outcomes-based regime.

Research Scope
The research service analyzes the trends driving the top three growth opportunity associated with digital cardiac products and services. Further, the study provides an analysis of major companies segregated by these top 3 themes which include;

• Unobtrusive sensing–Empowering patients with seamless integration of remote monitoring solutions into daily life for early diagnosis and health promotion.
• CVD health informatics–Seamless integration of CVIS with HIT system and analytics platforms to augment care providers with intelligent clinical decision support.
• Cardiac Rehab Programs–Shifting care delivery models from hospital to home-based cardiac rehab telemetry programs to promote value-based care.

Companies mentioned in the study include; Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Hill-Rom, iRhythm Technologies, Inc., BioTelemetry, Bardy Diagnostics, uber Diagnostics (Cardiotrack), Omsignal Inc., Nanowear Inc., Alivecor, Inc., Heartflow Inc., Apple Inc. (smartwatch), and Verily (Study Watch) among others.

Key Issues Addressed
• What are the growth opportunities in the cardiac digital solution space?
• What is the impact of the external environment on this market?
• What unique companies are introducing innovative solutions in the market?
• How can companies transform care delivery paradigms related to cardiac health conditions?
• What is the action plan and potential for growth for disruptive and innovative companies?
• What are the key success factors in the cardiac digital health market?

Kamaljit Behera