Comparative SWOT & Strategy Focus - 2019-2023 - Europe’s Top 5 Armored Vehicle Manufacturers - BAE Systems, GDELS, Rheinmetall, KNDS, Iveco Defense Vehicles

Comparative SWOT & Strategy Focus - 2019-2023 - Europe’s Top 5 Armored Vehicle Manufacturers - BAE Systems, GDELS, Rheinmetall, KNDS, Iveco Defense Vehicles

  • September 2019 •
  • 200 pages •
  • Report ID: 5813054 •
  • Format: PDF
The report provides a comprehensive Comparative SWOT framework & Strategy Focus Analysis on the Europe’s Top 5 Armored Vehicles Manufacturers. The report analyzes the overall, Near to Medium Term Strategy Focus and provides insights into the Key Strategies & Plans being developed by the leading European Industry OEMs for the near to medium term horizon as the industry braces up for a significant growth phase ahead. The framework analyzes the Strengths & Weaknesses of the Industry OEMs from a standalone as well as relative perspective based on a comprehensive analysis of:-

• Product Portfolio & its Strategic Positioning
• Breadth & Depth of Presence across Key Markets, Segments & Programs
• Analysis of overall Cost Base, Structure & its Management
• Analysis of Revenue streams, Resource Base & Key Competencies
• Profitability, Key Profit Sources, Growth & Trend Analysis
• Capital Structure and Financial Strength
• Key Competitor Analysis across Market Segments & Degree of Competitive Intensity
• Competitive Market Positioning across Key Markets, Segments, Domains & Programs
• Overall Strategy Focus, R&D Strategy, Technological Strengths & Capabilities

The report concludes with analysis of key trends, market conditions, potential growth opportunities and outlook for the Global Armored Vehicles market.

Report Excerpts:-

1. Defense Spending on the Upswing across most parts of the World translating into the onset of a favorable cycle for the Global Aerospace & Defense Industry

2. The European defense industrial base has been on a renaissance over the recent years driven by the radical transformation of geopolitical dynamics and equations with the dismantling of traditional rule based world order and the transition away from the typical unipolar world

3. European land systems has witnessed the trend towards pursuit of joint defense equipment development programs worth multi-billion dollars led by technological developments by the industry which are promising next generation capabilities at affordable costs

4. The modernization & upgrade of existing armor and replacement of existing, ageing vehicles with current, off the shelf solutions continues unabated across most parts of the world and is providing significant growth avenues for the European manufacturers of armored vehicles

5. The European industrial base, thus, is readily gearing up with a spurt in activity after a long phase of being dormant and is looking forward to a long & much anticipated activity boom with most OEMs reinvigorating & readying up their industrial bases for the action

6. Investing in & developing capabilities rapidly in next generation technologies, like Directed Energy Systems, will be crucial for the industry OEMs from a long-term perspective

Relevance & Usefulness: The report will be useful for:-
• Strategic Planning, Assessment & Decision-Making Processes

• Competitor Analysis & Comparative Analysis of covered Industry OEMs

• Identification of & Insights into Potential Growth Opportunities & Avenues

• Analysis of Near to Medium Term Strategy Focus and Key Strategies & Plans for all OEMs

• Identifying & highlighting areas for making potential Strategic Changes, Adjustments & Realignment

For Whom: Key Decision-Makers across Industry Value Chain
The report will be essential & a key resource for those associated with and having strategic interest in the Global Armored Vehicles Market. The report will be especially useful for

• Key Decision-Makers & Senior Industry Executives
• Program, Project & Procurement Managers
• Defense Procurement Departments & Executives
• Industry OEMs, Top Management of Industry Players & Other Companies
• Suppliers, Vendors, Technology & MRO Services Providers and other Key Players in the Industry Value Chain
• Existing & potential Investors
• Industry & Company Analysts
• M&A Advisory Firms
• Strategy & Management Consulting Firms
• PE Firms, Venture Capitalists and Financing & Leasing Companies
• Researchers and all those associated with the industry in general