Nanobubbles (Ultrafine bubbles): Applications, markets and companies

Nanobubbles (Ultrafine bubbles): Applications, markets and companies

  • November 2020 •
  • 45 pages •
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Nanobubbles or ultrafine bubbles are sub-micron (~50nm to ~700nm) gas-containing cavities in aqueous solution with unique physical characteristics that differ from other types of bubbles and have the ability to change the normal characteristics of water. The electrolysis of aqueous solutions produces solutions that are supersaturated in oxygen and hydrogen gas. This results in the formation of gas bubbles, including nanobubbles ?100 nm in size that are stable for ?24 h. Their use drastically improves the efficiency of gas to liquid systems and processes. Properties include:

- Sterilization capability through bactericidal action.

- Removal of contamination without the need for cleaning agents.

- Bio-activation in cells.

- Growth promotion for fish, crustacea and plants.

- Cell protection.

- Heat transfer capabilities to raise or lower the temperature of a liquid rapidly and effectively.

- Vaporization promotion capability for water-cooled cooling towers and evaporation based desalination systems.

- Halt concrete and metal decay.

- Environmental purification and remediation.

Their use is transformative for environmental, food and wastewater treatment industries and they also find application in:

- Water purification/sterilization (various industries).

- Cooling tower de-scaling.

- Medical cleaning applications (sanitization and bacteria control).

- Drug delivery.

- Animal farming-drinking water enrichment (reduces bacterial growth).

- Agriculture and food production (reduction in use of chemicals).

- Aquaculture-oxygenation of fish and aquaculture dams.

- Mining-acid water treatment.

- Oil and gas Industry – oil spill clean-up and storage tanks.

Report contents include:

- Introduction to nanobubbles (ultrafine bubbles).

- Applications of nanobubbles (ultrafine bubbles).

- Market analysis of nanobubbles in Agriculture, Aquaculture, Biomedical, Coolants, Food and beverage production, Mining, Oil and gas, Remediaton , Surface cleaning, and Wastewater purification.

- 21 company profiles.