United States Desalination Market Forecast by States (Florida, California, Texas, Iowa, and Others), Technology, Application, Company Analysis

United States Desalination Market Forecast by States (Florida, California, Texas, Iowa, and Others), Technology, Application, Company Analysis

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United States Desalination Market Forecast by States (Florida, California, Texas, Iowa, and Others), Technology, Application, Company Analysis

Desalination is a method where the excess salts are extracted from seawater or brackish water, transforming it into safe drinkable or usable water.
In the United States, the scarcity of freshwater reserves coupled with the rising demand for water in California, Florida, and Texas (the leading states on the United States desalination market). As these areas lack of sources of surface water such as lakes and rivers, has resulted in augmenting the number of desalination plants in this region. According to the research report, the United States Desalination Market will be US$ 3.2 Billion by 2027.

Technological Advancement
In addition, rising advancements in desalination technologies are propelling the demand for desalination equipment market. Therefore, water and energy nexus implications are integral to the feasibility of developing seawater and brackish water in the United States. As the nation’s population grows and industrial development expands, the United States domestic need for reliable water supplies becomes increasingly critical. As Municipal, industrial, and others demand for freshwater increases, the quality and availability of traditional water sources continue to decline, while the cost of developing new supplies continues to rise. United States Desalination Industry will grow with a staggering CAGR of 8.57% from 2020-2027.

Industries in the United States has increased the use of membrane technology to remove impurities in the water used in their operations, remove potentially toxic contaminants in their effluent, and produce ultrapure water. Novel desalination technologies, such as Reverse osmosis and Multi-stage filtration expand their role in addressing industrial desalination needs in the United States. The demand for reverse osmosis technology in the United States is expected to grow owing to its properties such as low installation cost, ability to treat all types of feed water, easy processing and low use of chemicals. As per this research report, Desalination Market in United States was US$ 1.8 Million in 2020.

United States Desalination Projects
In Mexico’s northeast region with long-running drought problem. At a combined investment of 12.8 Billion pesos (US$ 555 Million), the projects were unveiled in 2020 when the government and the private sector presented the national infrastructure program (PNI)
In 2020, Playas de Rosarito desalination plant in Baja California, 10.6 Billion pesos (capex)
In 2021, LOS CABOS desalination plant in Baja California Sur, 1.1 Billion pesos (capex)
In 2021, PUERTO PEÑASCO desalination plant in Sonora, 152 Million (capex)

The desalination system market is extremely fragmented, as the market is divided among several companies. Some of the major companeis of the market include Acciona, S.A., Veolia, SUEZ, Abengoa, Ferrovial, S.A. In addition, market players are involved in continuous research and development for optimizing desalination technology solutions.

This latest report "United States Desalination Market by States (Florida, California, Texas, North Carolina, Iowa, Illinois, Arizona, Others), Technology ( Multi-stage Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Multi-effect Distillation), Application (Industrial, Municipal, Others), Company Analysis (Acciona, Ferrovial, S.A., Veolia, SUEZ, Abengoa, S.A.)." studies on United States Water Desalination Industry.

States - Desalination Market breakup from 8 viewpoints
1. Florida
2. California
3. Texas
4. North Carolina
5. Iowa
6. Illinois
7. Arizona
8. Others

Technology - USA Desalination Market studied from 3 Types of Technology
1. Reverse Osmosis
2. Multi-stage Filtration
3. Multi-effect Distillation

Application - USA Desalination Market breakup from 3 viewpoints
1. Municipal
2. Industrial
3. Others

All the 5 Companies have been covered from 3 viewpoints
• Overviews
• Recent Developments
• Revenues

Company Analysis
1. Acciona, S.A.
2. Veolia
4. Abengoa
5. Ferrovial, S.A