2021 Chile Endocrine Function Testing Market Perspective

2021 Chile Endocrine Function Testing Market Perspective

  • June 2021 •
  • Report ID: 6095656 •
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2021 Chile Endocrine Function Testing Market Perspective--Competitive Shares and Growth Strategies, Volume and Sales Segment Forecasts for 20 Tests, Latest Technologies and Instrumentation Pipeline, Emerging Opportunities for Suppliers

This new report provides analysis of the endocrine function diagnostics market, including emerging tests, technologies, instrumentation, sales forecasts, market shares and strategic profiles of leading suppliers.

The report is available by section, and can be customized to specific information needs and budget.

The report provides test volume and sales forecasts for the following assays:

1 Cortisol
2 Estradiol
3 Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
4 Gastrin
5 Growth Hormone/IGF-1
6 Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)
7 LH
8 Progesterone
10 Prolactin
11 T3
12 T3 Free
13 T3 Uptake
14 T4 (Thyroxine)
15 T4 Free
16 TBG
17 Testosterone
18 Thyroglobulin Ab
19 TPO Ab
20 TSH

During the next decade, the endocrine function testing market will undergo significant transformation. These changes will be caused by convergence of new and more stringent regulations; advances in diagnostic technologies, system engineering, automation, and IT; and intensifying competition. Some segments will start resembling commodity markets, where product positioning and cost per test are more critical than underlying technology. This evolving marketplace will create exciting opportunities for a variety of new instruments, reagent systems, and auxiliary products, such as specimen preparation devices, controls, calibrators and others.

This report is designed to help current suppliers and potential market entrants to identify and evaluate emerging opportunities and developed effective strategic responses.

Companies Profiled

Competitive Assessments

- Abbott Laboratories
- Agilent Technologies
- Beckman Coulter/Danaher
- bioMerieux
- Bio-Rad
- DiaSorin
- Eiken Chemical
- Fujirebio
- Grifols
- Instrumentation Laboratory/Werfen
- Kyowa Medex
- Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
- PerkinElmer
- Quest Diagnostics
- Roche
- Siemens Healthineers
- Sysmex
- Thermo Fisher
- Tosoh
- Wako