Global Calcium Silicate Insulation Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2028

Global Calcium Silicate Insulation Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2028

  • July 2021 •
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Calcium Silicate Insulation: Market Size

From $239.93 million in 2020, the global Calcium Silicate Insulation market is projected to reach $403.08 million by 2028. Based on our analysis the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.7% from 2020 - 2028 timeframe.

Some of the prominent trends that the market is witnessing include increasing demand for green building material, rising investments in infrastructure development, and growing demand from insulation and fire protection.

Global Calcium Silicate Insulation Market: Market Dynamics

The wide use of calcium silicate as insulation in diverse industrial-grade equipment such as blast furnaces and pipes owing to its superior resistance to heat is augmenting the market growth. It is an exceptional surrogate for asbestos due to its passiveness towards the fire. If applied on cured concrete, it reacts chemically to form calcium silicate hydrate, which seals the micropores and makes the material impervious. The rapid urbanization and infrastructural development and growing applications in the food & beverage sector as an anti-caking agent are fueling the growth of the calcium silicate insulation market across the globe. The stringent regulations on conventional insulation products are one of the key factors contributing to the growth of the market.

For instance, the European Calcium Silicate Producer Association (ECSPA) aims to help the sustainable competitive growth of the European construction products industry by promoting efficient housing and infrastructure solutions.

On the other hand, the low awareness regarding the use of insulation products is likely to obstruct the profit boundaries. In addition, increasing demand for green building materials will further boost the calcium silicate insulation market.

Impact of COVID-19 on Calcium Silicate Insulation

The outbreak of COVID-19 has a negative impact on the calcium silicate insulation market, owing to interruption in the worldwide supply chain and the obstruction in the building and construction activities, which constitutes the significant share in the utilization of calcium silicate insulation. Temporary shutdown of industries where calcium silicate minerals are used for different purposes such as stabilizing agents, and insulation has led to a decline in demand and supply chain of the calcium silicate insulation market. However the market is gradually recuperating, it will take a while before residential and commercial construction sectors return to a steady growth trajectory. Office and retail segments are anticipated to witness a slow revival as collapsed demand will take 6-8 quarters to recover completely. The infrastructure construction sector is estimated to uphold growth momentum, supported by public spending.

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Metals Segment Dominate the Market

The metals segment is anticipated to have a significant market share during the forecast period, due to the verticals in the metal industry comprise providing components for the manufacturing of bolts and ingots in horizontal and vertical casting, for instance, floats, nozzles, stoppers, and hot top rings. It is also used as an insulating medium for metal cladding. Calcium silicate insulation is used in metal industries for aluminum, steel, and ferrous & non-ferrous casting application such as quarters and lump casting as transition plates, spouts, floats, headboxes for unremitting casters, tips for continuous sheet casters, tubes, sprue bushes, nozzles and feeder box liner in low pressure die casting, hot face linings for dosing/holding furnaces and in launders & dams. It is also used for thermal insulation of liquid metals, for example, it is used in direct contact with liquid aluminum alloys for transport, sharing, and flow control of the metal. In turn, to attain a fire-resistance rating, steel structures are cladded around with calcium silicate to give thermal insulation.

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Asia Pacific Region is Leading in the Global Market Place

Asia Pacific region is anticipated to have huge demand during the forecast period, owing to the increasing investments in developing countries and manufacturing capacity additions across end-use industries, especially petrochemical, power generation, transport, metal processing, and industrial infrastructure activities is rising in emergent economies such as China and India. This drives the demand for thermal insulation, which has contributed appreciably to the growth of the calcium silicate insulation market in the region. China is the key market in the Asia Pacific due to its growing industrialization and low-cost manufacturing technology. Most key players operating in the calcium silicate insulation market have their production capacities in the Asia Pacific as the region’s production cost is inferior to that in other regions.

List of the Key Players Profiled in the Market Include:

• Litecore A/S
• A&A Material Corporation
• BNZ Materials
• Skamol
• Beijing Hocreboard Building Materials Co. Ltd.
• Sanle Group
• Nippon Keical
• Ramco Industries
• Johns Manville
• Shine Technology Co. Ltd.
• Taisyou International Business Co. Ltd.
• Mowco Products
• Nichias Corporation
• Guangdong New Element Building Material Co. Ltd.
• Soben International
• Ningbo Yihe Green Board Co. Ltd.

List of the Regions/Countries Profiled in the Market Include:
North America
• US
• Canada
• Mexico
• Germany
• U.K
• Italy
• France
• Spain
• Rest of Europe
Asia Pacific
• China
• Japan
• India
• Australia
• New Zealand
• Rest of Asia Pacific
Middle East
• Saudi Arabia
• Rest of Middle East
Latin America
• Argentina
• Brazil
• Rest of Latin America
Rest of the World (RoW)
• South Africa
• Others