The Graphene Market, Production and Pricing Report 2022

The Graphene Market, Production and Pricing Report 2022

  • February 2022 •
  • 580 pages •
  • Report ID: 6235749 •
  • Format: PDF
Graphene is a ground-breaking two-dimensional (2D) material that possesses extraordinary electrical and mechanical properties that promise a new generation of innovative devices. In recent years there has seen a marked increase in commercial graphene collaborations, agreements, investments and product launches. Products are now coming to market across multiple sectors and regional markets. New products and developments launched over the past two years include body temperature regulating fabrics, jackets, coolants, automotive composites, hiking shoes, power banks, sports equipment, anti-corrosion coatings, CPU cooling systems, batteries & supercapacitors, concrete additives and engine oil additives.

Graphene exhibits a unique combination of mechanical, thermal, electronic and optical properties that provide opportunities for further innovation in flexible displays, transistors, photosensors, RFID tags, solar cells, fuel cells, conductive inks, EMI shielding, filtration, anti-oxidation and LEDs across multiple industries including consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, medicine, energy, 3D printing, polymer composites, wireless technology, filtration and coatings.

The Graphene Market, Production and Pricing Report 2022 includes:

- Pricing landscape for graphene, by types and producers.

- Analysis of the global market for graphene. Markets covered include 3D printing, adhesives, aerospace, automotive, batteries, composites, conductive inks, construction, electronics, filter media, fuel cells, life sciences & healthcare, lighting, lubricants, oil & gas, paints & coatings, photonics, solar, rubber, sensors, textiles, supercapacitors, audio equipment and sporting goods.

- Production volumes by graphene producer (current and planned).

- Commercial graphene product guide.

- 323 company profiles including production processes, products, target markets and collaborations. Companies profiled include Avadain LLC, First Graphene, Paragraf, Levidian Nanosystems, nanoEMI, Graphene Square, Sparc Technologies, Universal Matter, Versarien, Zentek and many more.