Automotive Tyres and Wheels Market and Trend Analysis by Technology, Key Companies and Forecast, 2021-2036

Automotive Tyres and Wheels Market and Trend Analysis by Technology, Key Companies and Forecast, 2021-2036

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Automotive Tyres and Wheels Market and Trend Analysis by Technology, Key Companies and Forecast, 2021-2036

There are many factors shaping the global tyre market.Over the last 20 years, the popularity of sport utility vehicles, minivans and crossover vehicles has steadily increased, prompting manufacturers to redesign their tyres.

Indeed, the increasing segmentation of the car market has led directly to a more complex tyre market.In response, manufacturers have focused on ways in which to improve tyre dimensions, weight, rolling resistance, noise and fuel efficiency.

Social environmental awareness and advances in tyre technology will also play an increasingly important role in the definition of tomorrow’s tyres.

Perhaps the most dramatic innovation in tyre technology over the past decade or so has been the development of the run-flat tyre.Run-flat tyres are specially constructed enabling them to be driven on in the event of loss of air pressure.

It means the driver can either drive home or to a garage to fix the tyre.With automakers under pressure to produce more fuel-efficient cars, it is hardly surprising to see them eliminating the spare wheel, thereby shedding up to 30 pounds in one stroke.

Indeed, a number of automakers now supply a tyre sealant and tyre-inflator pack instead of a full-size or temporary spare wheel (or ‘limited use’ spare tyre, also known as space-saver or compact spare tyre.).

Over the past 100 hundred years or so, road wheels have been made from a variety of materials including wood, steel (casting, sheet or wire), aluminium (casting, forging or sheet), magnesium, composites and a combination of the above.

With the growing emphasis on fuel economy and the need to reduce vehicle weight, automakers turned to alloy wheels.Hurt by the loss, steelmakers enlisted the help of wheel manufacturers and automakers to launch a campaign to create new wheel styling and explore the use of new steels.

Using bright materials like stainless steel that attach predominantly to the wheel and modifying disc and rim designs to enhance styling, wheel makers managed to satisfy consumers’ desire for a decorative styled wheel

The report “Automotive Tyres and Wheels Market and Trend Analysis by Technology, Key Companies and Forecast, 2021-2036” provides a comprehensive overview of the Global Light Vehicle OE Tyre and Wheel sectors with analysis of the major suppliers, top 14* markets, technology trends and market size forecasts.

*The top 14 markets accounting for over 98% of global light vehicle production include: North America (US, Canada and Mexico) ; Mercosur (Brazil and Argentina); Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Finland and Morocco) ; Central Europe (Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia); Russia; Japan; China; India; Korea; Thailand; Other Asia; Iran; South Africa; Australia.

Based on exclusive interviews, primary research and proprietary data this global market study includes -
- For the top 14* markets it provides market size data and a 15-year forecast for:
- Automotive Original Equipment (OE) Tyres.
- Automotive OE Aluminium and Steel Wheel market.
- A review of the latest technological developments and market trends for:
- Car Tyres including Green Tyre Technology, Non-Rubber Materials, Inner Liners, Airless Tyres, Quieter Tyres, Energy Efficiency, Aerodynamics, Run-Flat Tech, Sealant Systems, Labelling, TPMS.
- Wheels Including Surface Treatments, Forging, Lightweighting, Trims and Thermoplastics.
- Regional supplier market share data tables and commentary.
- Exclusive interviews with OE suppliers.
- Updated profiles of the major automotive tyre and wheel suppliers including their strategies and prospects.

Reasons to Buy
- Gain a quick overview of the automotive tyre and wheel sectors globally.
- Understand the size and scope of the top 14 markets.
- Hear direct from leading companies on their strategies and plans.
- Review the latest and most significant technological developments.
- Know the key trends within the sector and what’s driving them.
- Spot opportunities and threats in this sector.
- Establish key companies’ latest activities and prospects.
- Prepare supply and demand forecasts.
- Produce internal sales plans and forecasts.
- Carry out competitive intelligence.

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