Digital Marketing Trends in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Digital Marketing Trends in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • March 2022 •
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Digital Marketing Trends in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

AbbVie’s achieved the highest total traffic across IBD patient sites in the US, with almost 7.1 million visitors from March 2021 to February 2022, followed by Pfizer’s and Janssen’s The highest proportion of traffic to branded patient IBD websites originated from direct sources, followed by organic sources. and had the highest proportion of traffic from direct search, followed by

For patient branded sites, Takeda spent the most on DDA for at $74 million, followed by Janssen’s at $4.6 million and AbbVie’s at $4.3 million.

For HCP sites, AbbVie’s had the highest number of total visitors, totaling around 184,000 visits from March 2021 to February 2022. The highest proportion of traffic to HCP websites in the US originated from organic and direct sources. had the highest proportion of traffic from organic searches, followed by

In the US, Eli Lilly and Arena Pharmaceuticals were the top companies using corporate social media channels to post IBD-related content. Few IBD-specific apps are available from pharma in the US, with AbbVie’s multi-indication Complete Medication Tracker app for Humira achieving the highest downloads in 2021.

In EUCAN, AbbVie is a leading player with high traffic to its country-specific branded AbbVie Care sites.

In EUCAN, Takeda’s Facebook page in Germany had the highest interaction for IBD-related posts. Janssen’s multi-indication branded MyBioAdvance app in Canada had the most downloads of all IBD-related apps in 2021.

- This report assesses key digital marketing metrics of pharma assets in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), including branded websites for patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs), mobile apps, and social media accounts.
- Metrics include website traffic volume, engagement, and source, digital display advertising (DDA), paid search engine optimization (SEO), mobile app downloads, and social media post interaction.
- Countries include the US, 4EU (Italy, France, Germany, and Spain), the UK, and Canada (EUCAN).

Reasons to Buy
- Understand the digital marketing competitive landscape in IBD, with a view of leading patient and HCP branded assets across different regions.
- See what tactics pharma companies are using to drive traffic to their IBD branded assets for patient and HCPs, such as DDA and paid SEO.
- Understand what sources of website traffic are generating the most visits to these assets, such as paid SEO, social media, or organic searches.
- Compare top branded assets for patients y how they address and support different patient needs.
- See what pharma social media accounts in IBD are the most active and achieving the most engagement.
- See leading mobile app offerings in IBD from pharma across different regions.

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